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Nurse Licensed Practical Job Resume Sample
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Job Title: "Nurse Licensed Practical"
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Sample Job Resume For Nurse Licensed Practical

Professional Experience:

Nurse licensed practical, 11/2010 - present


As Nurse Licensed Practical, My job duties are to:

1) Provide prescribed medical treatment and personal care services to ill, injured, convalescent, and handicapped persons in such settings as hospitals, clinics, private homes, schools, sanitariums, similar institutions

2) Take records patients vital signs

3) Dress wounds, gives enemas, douches, alcohol rubs and massages

4) Apply compresses, ice bags, and hot water bottles

5) Observe patients reports adverse reactions to medication or treatment to medical personnel in charge

6) Administer specified medication, orally or by subcutaneous or intermuscular injection, and notes time amount on patients charts

7) Assemble uses such equipment as catheters, tracheotomy tubes, and oxygen suppliers

8) Collect samples, like urine, blood, and sputum, from patients for testing performs routine laboratory tests on samples

9) Sterilize equipment supplies, using germicides, sterilizer, or autoclave

10) Prepare or examines food trays for prescribed diet feeds patients

11) Record food and fluid intake output

12) Bathe, dresses, and assists patients in walking turning

13) Clean rooms, makes beds, and answers patients calls

14) Wash dresses bodies of deceased persons

15) Must pass state board examination be licensed

16) May assist in delivery, care, feeding of infants

17) May inventory requisition supplies

18) May provide medical treatment and personal care to patients in private home settings be designated Home Health Nurse, Licensed Practical .

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