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tends mixing machine that blends asbestos fibers ingredients, like ground marble, water, cement, and also oil to form compounds used in making asbestos products, like pipe, shingles, and also brake linings. dumps or pours ingredients into mixer in specified proportions. starts mixer allows ingredients to mix for specified time. stops mixer moves control or turns valve to dump or transfer mixture into storage container. flushes water through mixer to clean mixing equipment. records production ...

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fits as well as assembles components according to assembly blueprints, manuals, engineering memos, sketches, and also knowledge of machine construction to construct, rebuild, and also repair machines plus equipment, using handtools power tools. analyzes assembly blueprint specifications manual plus plans machine building operations. verifies conformance of parts to stock list blueprints, using measuring instruments, like calipers, gauges and additionally micrometers. lays out hole locatio...

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inspects metal furniture parts for defects. verifies color of furniture against work ticket specifications. feels & visually inspects furniture as well as parts for defective work damage, like unwelded joints, wrinkled or torn upholstery and additionally dents. marks defective areas with chalk or crayon, and also segregates furniture parts requiring repair....

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reverses partially assembled footballs, volleyballs, soccer balls, punching bags, or ball gloves that are inside-out to bring edges of sewn seams inside leather or plastic cover outside. places specified areas of inside-out article on turning post pulls part of article over post. repositions article on post repeats operation until article is completely reversed....

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clamps arrows in rack preparatory to dipping. aligns arrows in row slides one end of row into rack slot. builds successive layers of arrows by separating rows with dividers until rack is filled. clamps ends of arrows in rack to hold them securely. removes dividers transfers loaded rack to painting department. keeps records of arrows racked....

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