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tends machine that removes wrinkles from plastic or nylon zippers. mounts reel of continuous chain zipper onto payoff spindle turns steam valve to heat grooved irons. depresses pedal to separate irons positions chain between irons with nylon or plastic filament in groove. releases pedal to close irons starts machine....

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installs circular head in croze (groove) of slack or tight barrel. loosens temporary head loop on barrel by striking hoop, using hammer. picks up head with spiked tool fits head into croze of barrel. draws staves around head, using windlass machine or other equipment. replaces temporary head hoop with regular head hoop. taps hoop lightly with hammer to tighten it around barrel sets barrel aside....

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tends equipment that flushes rayon yarn with boiling bleach solution to remove spinning-bath residue bleach product prior to finishing. removes full cones, bobbins, cakes, or skeins of yarn from spinning (forming) machines places product on wash rack. turns valves to start flow of bleach water to flush yarn. replaces empty bobbins or cones on spindles of spinning machines. may hang skeins in tubs of bleach solution as well as be designated dipper (plastic-synth.) or in tubs of chemicals be ...

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sets up as well as operates stonecutting lathe to turn plus shape blocks of stone, like limestone, marble, granite, and also sandstone to form columns, pillars, balusters, and also other cylindrical building monumental work. mounts block of stone between centers of lathe, using hoist. signals overhead crane operator (any industry) 921.663-010 to position stone in lathe. adjusts roughing tool or grinding wheel on carriage starts machine. opens water valve as well as feeds tool or grinding...

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tends machines that mold nonwoven carpet used in automobiles. places carpet blank (precut section of nonwoven carpet) into oven that heats carpet to prepare carpet for molding. sprays insides of stationary mold with silicone fluid, using pump sprayer, to prevent sticking. places jute backing over steel pins in stationary mold. removes heated carpet from oven, smooths carpet over mold, and also secures carpet over jute on stationary mold. observes carpet to detect defects, like wrinkling drawn e...

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