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tends press mold to cast glassware from molten glass. cuts gob of molten glass from punty (metal rod used to gather molten glass), using hand shears plus allows gob of molten glass to drop into mold. adjusts tension spring on mold plunger to regulate plunger pressure, using handtools. positions mold against preset stops under plunger, pulls lever that lowers plunger into mold forcing molten glass to fill spaces in mold, and also withdraws plunger from mold after specified time. opens mold remov...

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fabricates, installs, and also repairs rigging as well as weight-handling gear on ships plus attaches hoists pulling gear to rigging to lift, move, and also position machinery, equipment, structural parts, and also other heavy loads aboard ship. forms slings plus towing bridles by looping & splicing cable or by crimping metal sleeve around cable end body of cable, using crimping tool. splices ties rope to form nets, ladders and additionally other rigging. installs hooks, swivels, and ...

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lays out, positions, aligns, and also fits together fabricated parts of structural metal products in shop, according to blueprint layout specifications, preparatory to welding or riveting. plans sequence of operation, applying knowledge of geometry, effects of heat plus allowances for weld shrinkage, machining plus thickness of metal. sets up face block, jigs fixtures. locates as well as marks centerlines plus reference points onto floor or face block transposes them to workpiece, using t...

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tends centrifuge machines to remove solid impurities as well as water from animal vegetable oils. turns valves to admit steam to jackets of machines. starts pumps & opens valves to feed oil to machines to transfer oil to receiving tanks. observes gauges on machines to define when temperature is within prescribed range. may rub oil between fingers to detect grit reprocess oil that does not meet company standards. may open valves to pump oil through one or more settling tanks to separate wa...

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inspects agricultural equipment, like tractors, combines, and also balers for missing, defective, or improperly installed parts operational malfunctions. observes operation of equipment being driven around test area or on treadmill to detect defects, like loose fittings, improper assembly, malfunctioning parts, or faulty controls, as indicated by noise, leaks, or irregularities in braking, steering, or transmission mechanisms. aligns power-driven wheels of unit over dynamometer connects electr...

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