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tends equipment that chemically cleans grease, scale, dirt, and also other foreign matter from metal objects to prepare them for processes, like electroplating galvanizing. removes shavings, dirt plus rust spots from objects, using airhose, file, or sandpaper. loads objects on conveyor which carries them through series of chemical & rinsing baths, or places objects on racks or in containers as well as immerses objects in chemical rinsing solutions, manually or using hoist. moves controls t...

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examines automatically cast toilet bowls for molding defects. moves toilet bowls from casting drying area to inspecting area, using handtruck. examines exterior interior surfaces of bowls for defects, like shape distortion, chips, or cracks. marks defective bowls to indicate type location of defects, using marking pencil. applies glaze to specified areas of bowls, using paint brush, to prevent cracking during subsequent finishing. records number as well as types of defects on product identi...

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binds neckties together prior to packing. places cardboard forms beneath on top of stack of folded neckties. binds stack of ties, using rubberbands, paper strips, or tape. may stamp information, like number of ties tie style on cardboard forms. may slide paper or plastic identification bands onto ties or insert labels into pretied knot....

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assembles bows to be used as ornamental shoe parts. selects precut strips of material, like leather, plastic, or fabric, following ticket specifications. ties strips into bows by hand. joins bow parts, using hand stapler. may sew bow parts together by hand. may brush cement onto parts press parts together....

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