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drives trucks or tractors at vehicle parking or docking area to move, position, or park trucks or trailers. drives trucks to plus from service department around dock area for motor freight transportation company. spots (positions) loaded unloaded trailers at assigned dock space for unloading or loading, using tractor. connects loaded semitrailers to tractors for tractor-trailer-truck driver (any industry). may service trucks tractors [gas-and-oil servicer (motor trans.)]. may drive buses al...

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lays out as well as cuts plastic patterns used for pantograph engraving according to sketches or blueprints, using drafting instruments engraving tools. establishes reference points on plastic sheet computes layout dimensions, following blueprints. marks or scribes lines on plastic sheet, using drawing tools, like straightedge, compass and additionally scriber. cuts out pattern, using jewelers handsaw or jigsaw. may tend injection molding machine to form plastic patterns....

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loads unloads conveyor of furnace that fuses multifocal lens parts. positions multifocal lens blank button assemblies, or assembled button parts, on emery disks, places disks on trays plus places filled trays on conveyor that passes through fusing furnace. removes trays of fused items from end of conveyor places them in rack to cool. records production count. may mark identification number on lenses, using marking pen. may observe temperature indicators inform supervisor of furnace malfuncti...

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tends mixing machines that blend batches of powdered metal, according to specifications. weighs out specified amounts of materials, using scales. dumps powders into mixing machine, like tumbling-barrel or paddle-type mixer and additionally starts motor. stops motor after specified time, and also dumps mixture into containers....

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