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tends machine that kneads fur (felt hat) cones to interlock fibers shrink cones by either of following methods. (1) positions cones on belt that moves cones beneath water sprinkler pipes, between rollers plus onto second belt that returns cones to worker. measures cones, using ruler. repeats process until cone has shrunk to size specified. (2) places cones in machine cylinder turns handle to fill cylinder with hot water, or pours acid-water solution into tank. starts agitators that knead as w...

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determines strength as well as pattern of blast required plus charges detonates explosives in surface or underground mine, pit, or quarry to fracture or separate stone or minerals from solid formations. studies formation to define amount, type plus location of explosive charge required. marks pattern of drill holes or issues drilling instructions for depth placement of blast holes. inserts, packs, or pours explosives, like dynamite, ammonium nitrate, black powder, or slurries into blast ho...

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cuts kiln furniture, bricks, or other clay as well as shale products to specified shape size, using one of following methods. (1) adjusts cutting jig of table-mounted handsaw to specified setting, using tape measure allen wrench. positions casting in jig pulls saw blade to cut ware to specified size. (2) places pressed ware into table-mounted form. lowers die or wire cutter onto ware to cut ware into specified shape size....

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tends machines that automatically cut continuous rolls of paper into sheets of specified length, and also fold interlock them to form paper towels, toilet tissue, and also napkins for dispensers or to package. threads paper from parent roll through rollers plus guides tapes end to that of previous roll. installs embossing rolls and additionally adjusts tucker, gripper and additionally feed rolls according to grade of paper work order. starts machine observes operation to make sure uniform ...

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attaches reinforcing metal bands to ends of wood boxes, using strapping tool. threads strapping tool with metal band. positions band around ends of box. pumps handle of tool to tighten band. pulls lever on machine to crimp fasten band with metal clip....

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