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tends machine that coats asphalt-impregnated felt paper with paint to seal in asphalt prevent discoloration of light-colored enamels used for finishing. mounts roll of paper on machine spindle feeds end of roll through machine or splices end to roll in machine. fills hoppers with paint. starts machine that coats paper with paint as well as observes operation rewinding of paper in festoon ovens for drying. adjusts oven controls to maintain specified temperature for drying coated paper. remov...

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coats curtains, drapes, and also hangings with chemical solutions to render articles fireproof or flameproof. immerses article in vat containing chemical solution or sprays solution on article. may spray hangings at business establishments. keeps record of work performed chemicals used....

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tends pair of semiautomatic cylindrical grinders that grind typewriter as well as adding machine rubber platens plus feed rollers to specified diameter finish. mounts platen between driving head plus tailstock & trips lever causing carriage to bear platen against as well as across grinding wheel for coarse grind rough finish. removes platen, mounts it in second machine equipped with finer grit wheel and additionally grinds platen to specified diameter desired finish. examines finish...

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tends machine that separates matted fur fibers blends fibers for use in felt hats. selects fibers according to quality, type plus weight specifications. dumps fibers into hopper of machine. starts machine that forces fibers against teeth of cylinders (picker rollers), that separate matted fibers, and also into air-blending chamber that mixes fibers. removes blended fibers from machine places fibers in bags or boxes. cleans machine, using brush, broom, and also airhose. lubricates machine, usin...

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directs coordinates traffic activities of organization. develops methods plus procedures for transportation of raw materials to processing & production areas commodities from departments to customers, warehouses, or other storage facilities. determines most efficient & economical routing as well as mode of transportation, using rate plus tariff manuals and motor freight railroad guidebooks. directs scheduling of shipments notifies concerned departments or customers of arrival dat...

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