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Assorter Job Offer Letter
inspects sorts processed material, like hides, skins, or leather. examines material for defects, like brand marks, cuts plus scars plus trims defects from material, using shears. verifies thickness of material, using gauge. sorts material according to qualities, like color, size, and also thickness. returns defective material for reprocessing. may be designated according to material sorted as blue-leather sorter (leather mfg.); patent-leather sorter (leather mfg.); russet-leather sorter (leathe...

Maintenance Worker Swimming Pool Job Offer Letter
cleans, adjusts, and also performs minor repairs to swimming pools auxiliary equipment. removes leaves other debris from surface of water, using net. cleans bottom sides of pool, using such aids as underwater vacuum cleaner, hose, brush, detergent, acid solution and additionally sander. inspects replaces loose or damaged tile. cleans repairs filter system. adjusts as well as performs minor repairs to heating pumping equipment, using mechanics handtools. dumps chemicals, in prescribed amo...

Pooling Operator Job Offer Letter
siphons human blood plasma into pooling bottles for processing or storage. removes cap from donor bottle punctures stopper with needle. connects vacuum pump to donor & pool bottles, using sterile glass rubber tubing. opens vacuum valve to siphon plasma into pooling bottle. draws off labels sample from each pool bottle. may introduce sterile, compressed air into pool bottles to transfer plasma to individual containers....

Sample Worker Job Offer Letter
prepares articles, like curtains, draperies, rugs, or towels, for use as display samples, performing any combination of following duties. assembles garments or articles into sets plus folds articles. pins or glues identification tickets or labels to articles. wraps paper bands around article, securing ends of band with glue, or inserts articles into plastic or cellophane bags. arranges articles in boxes in attractive display stores samples according to style, size, and also color. fills custome...

Picking belt Operator Job Offer Letter
removes defective nuts foreign matter from bulk nut meats. observes nut meats on conveyor belt plus picks out broken, shriveled, or wormy nuts plus foreign matter, like leaves rocks. places defective nuts foreign matter into containers. may be designated according to kind of nut meat sorted as almond sorter (can. as well as preserv.); peanut sorter (can. preserv.)....

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