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Filter Washer And Presser Job Offer Letter

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Filter Washer And Presser Job Offer Letter Template
Filter Washer And Presser Job Offer Letter Sample

From: Nicola Smith
HR Manager
Segma Int.
116 S. Fairfax AVE.
Los Angeles, CV 90036
323. 937-3931

To: Mr. Flori Rothenberg
86 Heathrow Avenue
Phillipsburg, NJ 45502

Date: June 15, 2014

Dear Mr. Flori,
We are pleased to confirm you have been selected to work for Segma Int. as Filter washer and presser.

Job Duties [are to]:
Tend equipment that cleans reshapes cotton, silk, or woodpulp used as filtering material in filter press to filter liquids, like alcoholic beverages, gelatin, and also glue

Remove dirty filter cakes from filter press, using handtools

Transfer filter cakes from filter press, using handtruck and additionally drops filter cakes into prebreaker machine that reduces filter cakes to loose, wet pulp

Pump wet pulp to washing machine

Open valves to admit circulate water or steam in washer

Open screen-covered drain in bottom of washer continues washing pulp until drain-water runs clear

Pump clean pulp to storage tank

Open valve to move pulp from storage tank into hydraulic press

Start hydraulic press that squeezes water from pulp forms pulp into filter cake

Remove clean filter cake from hydraulic press, and also transfers clean filter cake to filter press, using handtruck

Wash filter press plates, using hose hot water

Install filter cake into filter press, using handtools.

Contract Includes:

A) Reporting: you will report to "supervisor job title and name"

B) Basic salary: the offered filter washer and presser position is at a "salary/wage"... of "salary/rate per hour" per "period in year/month/ week or hour".

C) Work hours: your working hours will start from 09:00 AM till 17:00 PM

D) Vacations: your vacation is 2 days per week

E) Compensations and benefits: your position compensations and benefits are: "group insurance, dental care, health care, and transportation"

We are delighted to send you this offer to be approved and signed from you in order to start the job from "June 26, 2014"

We look forward to join our company in order to work with you

Nicola Smith