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Wood Boatbuilder Job Offer Letter

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Wood Boatbuilder Job Offer Letter Template
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Wood Boatbuilder Job Offer Letter Example

From: Nicola Smith
HR Manager
Segma Int.
116 S. Fairfax AVE.
Los Angeles, CV 90036
323. 937-3931

To: Mr. Flori Rothenberg
86 Heathrow Avenue
Phillipsburg, NJ 45502

Date: June 15, 2014

Dear Mr. Flori,
We are pleased to confirm you have been selected to work for Segma Int. as Wood boatbuilder.

Job Duties - are to:
Fabricate, repairs, or modifies wooden boats, life rafts, and also pontoons, according to blueprints, using handtools, power tools, and also measuring instruments

Lays out full-scale outline of boat on mold-loft floor, using crayon, scales plus protractor, following blueprints table of offsets

Establish dimensional reference points on layout makes templates of parts

Scribe dimensional lines on lumber, following templates

Cuts as well as forms parts, like keel, ribs, and also sidings, using carpenters handtools power tools [Machinist, Wood woodworking 669.380-014]

Attach overhead hoist to precut sections of boat hull signals coworker to position timbers according to layout of boat, using hoist

Secure timbers together following specified procedure, using adhesive, hardware, and also handtools or power tools

Assemble shell of boat by forming steam-softened sidings on mold, removing mold, and also securing sidings to keel, or by securing ribs to keel covering ribs with planking

Build installs structures, like pilot house, cabin, rudder, and also foundations for machinery, shafting, and also propellers supports, and also installs preformed decking, masts, booms, and also ladders, according to blueprints, using handtools, power tools, scale, calipers, and also gauges

Work is usually performed with other workers

May caulk seams [Wood Caulker ship-boat mfg. 843.384-010]

May specialize in fabricating particular part of boat be designated Bulkhead Carpenter ship-boat mfg. ; Bulwark Carpenter ship-boat mfg. ; Hull Builder ship-boat mfg. ; Keel Assembler ship-boat mfg. .


A) Reporting: you will report to 'supervisor job title and name'

B) Basic salary: the offered wood boatbuilder position is at a 'salary/wage'... of 'salary/rate per hour' per 'period in year/month/ week or hour'.

C) Work hours: your working hours will start from 09:00 AM till 17:00 PM

D) Vacations: your vacation is 2 days per week

E) Compensations and benefits: your position compensations and benefits are: 'group insurance, dental care, health care, and transportation'

We are delighted to send you this offer to be approved and signed from you in order to start the job from 'June 26, 2014'

We look forward to join our company in order to work with you

Nicola Smith

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