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Home energy Consultant Supervisor Job Description Duties
supervises coordinates activities of workers engaged in performing domestic-energy-consumption audits for customers of public utilities. confers with customers utility representatives to define customer needs, appointment times, availability of representatives plus scheduling conflicts. reschedules energy audits accordingly. reads federal program guidelines, journals, and also related reports to ascertain federal program requirements recent developments concerning energy conservation techniqu...

Accounting Clerks Supervisor Job Description Duties
supervises as well as coordinates activities of workers engaged in calculating, posting, verifying, and also typing duties to obtain plus record financial data for use in maintaining accounting statistical records. compiles reports required by management or government agencies. may perform duties of accounting clerk (clerical) 216.482-010 bookkeeper (clerical) 210.382-014. performs duties as described under supervisor (clerical) master title....

Blacksmith Helper Job Description Duties
assists blacksmith (forging) in forging metal articles. obtains equipment, like stop blocks hammer dies from toolroom. cuts metal to predetermined size, using saw. lights furnace turns control valves to regulate temperature. lifts metal parts from furnace with tongs places parts on anvil or under power hammer. strikes parts with sledge as blacksmith (forging) positions parts over forming dies set in anvil. grinds surfaces of finished parts, using portable stationary power grinders. may sweep...

Commanding Officer Motor Transport Division Job Description Duties
directs coordinates activities of personnel engaged in repairing, maintaining, and also modifying motor vehicles used by municipal or metropolitan police force. plans schedules departmental activities to maintain police vehicles in operating condition. reviews complaints about police vehicle malfunctions from field units assigns technical research teams to develop corrective modifications or orders repairs. evaluates work performance of immediate subordinates reviews evaluations of other div...

Structural iron Erector Job Description Duties
performs any combination of following duties to raise, place, and also unite girders, columns, and also other structural-steel members to form completed structures or structure frameworks, working as member of crew. sets up hoisting equipment for raising placing structural-steel members. fastens steel members to cable of hoist, using chain, cable, or rope. signals worker operating hoisting equipment to lift place steel member. guides member, using tab line (rope) or rides on member in order to...

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