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Inspector Job Description Duties
inspects finished or in-process dry cell or storage batteries for defects, like dents, scratches, short electrodes, or missing parts. examines batteries to detect defects places defective batteries in box. may test batteries, using voltmeters ammeters. may replace damaged parts....

Private branch exchange Operator Job Description Duties
operates cord or cordless switchboard to relay incoming, outgoing, and also interoffice calls. pushes switch keys on cordless switchboard to make connections relay calls. plugs cord of cord type equipment into switchboard jacks to make connections relay calls. may supply information to callers record messages. may keep record of calls placed toll charges. may perform clerical duties, like typing, proofreading, and also sorting mail. may operate system of bells or buzzers to call individuals ...

Medical And Scientific Illustrator Job Description Duties
creates illustrations, graphics, and also three dimensional models to demonstrate medical or biological subjects, using variety of artistic techniques. develops drawings, paintings, diagrams plus models of medical or biological subjects in fields like anatomy, physiology, histology, pathology, or in surgical procedures, for use in publications, exhibits, consultations, research plus teaching activities. completes illustrations in pen ink, oil, monochromatic wash, watercolor, carbon dust and add...

Butcher All round Job Description Duties
performs slaughtering as well as butchering tasks in small slaughtering meat packing establishment, using cutting tools, like cleaver, knife, and also saw. stuns animals prior to slaughtering [stunner, animal (meat products)]. shackles hind legs of animals, like cattle, sheep and additionally hogs, to raise them for slaughtering or skinning [shackler (meat products)]. severs jugular vein to drain blood facilitate slaughtering [sticker, animal (meat products)]. trims head meat otherwise seve...

Nailer Hand Job Description Duties
assembles wooden products, like boxes, packing cases, kegs, pallets, furniture frames, door window units, and also hogshead subassemblies, using handtools. positions workpiece on table, floor, easel, or jig, according to verbal instructions plus nails or staples materials together at designated points, using hammer, pneumatic gun, or staple gun. drives nails in carvings, molding and additionally scroll work, using hammer, before attaching to furniture. attaches metal cleats to bottoms of nail k...

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