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Sous Chef Job Description

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Sous Chef Job Description Template
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Sous Chef Career Job Description Duties Example
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This job description describes core job duties of sous chef occupation.

Main Job Roles / Career Tasks:

1) Responsible to select, train, evaluate, lead, motivate, coach, and discipline employees in the Kitchen food production area to make sure that established cultural core standards are met.

2) Assist in the planning development of recipes.

3) Ensure the correct preparation presentation of a consistent level for food items prepared through production demonstration.

4) Control labor operating expenses through effective scheduling, purchasing decisions, budgeting, and inventory control.

5) Ensure that sanitation standards as set forth local, state, and federal regulations are in compliance the cleanliness and organization of the kitchen.

6) Maintain control systems which will assure quality portion consistency, monitor food shipments to make sure they meet established purchasing specifications.

7) Foster an awareness of the importance of food preparation quality.

8) Communicate with employees and managers to make sure operational needs are met attend regular operational meetings to make sure effective coordination and cooperation between departments.

9) Work professionally with co-workers supervisors.

10) Responsible to Encourage and motivate employees; Be accessible and available to employees; Consistently demonstrate excellent people skills when dealing with employees guests.

11) Responsible to assist with administering, coordinating and distributing information to kitchen employees; maintaining accurate paperwork for scheduling, payroll employee records.

12) Observe performance for employees in assigned kitchens; Ensuring employees adhere to established policies and procedures; Monitoring following up on employee training.

13) Responsible to make sure kitchen cleanliness and quality physical appearance of kitchen; Ensure a neat, clean and safe working environment; Organize and maintain food storage, rotation utilization; Ensure guest satisfaction by ensuring food quality, production, presentation resolving of guest complaints.

14) Assist with ordering food products ensuring the quality of products.

15) Responsible to taste and review food products to make sure quality and consistency with preparation presentation.

16) Demonstrate to Line staff how to properly prepare menu items and to Preparation staff how to properly prepare store food items.

17) Responsible for conducting inspections of kitchen and delegate job tasks and responsibilities throughout; Completing food ordering and approve requisitions; Assisting with developing, implementing maintaining new recipes, presentations products; Implementing special menu; Assisting with preparing menus.

18) Responsible to identify and communicate suggestions to the Executive Chef or Executive Sous Chef for policies procedures for improving the operation.

19) Responsible to present needs of the department to the Executive Chef, Executive Sous Chef Sous Chef; Complete special projects as directed by the Executive Chef or Executive Sous chef.

20) Assist with creating, implementing and monitoring action plans to minimize costs to make sure that budgetary goals are met.

21) Maintain established food par levels accurate paperwork for inventory; Taking part in food inventories as needed.

22) Assist with production of food items and with set-up cleaning of operational areas if needed.

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