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List of core working tasks required as accordion repairer employee:

1) Repairs and tunes accordions concertinas, using handtools.

2) Disassembles instrument and parts, like base treble mechanisms, bellows, reed blocks and manuals keyboards , using handtools.

3) Moves parts, observing their action to detect defects.

4) Files, realigns, and adjusts parts, using handtools.

5) Recovers bellows with sateen cloth.

6) Glues leather on corners of bellows.

7) Operates woodworking machines uses handtools to make wood replacement parts.

8) Repairs cracks in celluloid.

9) Solders or removes replaces defective metal parts.

10) Reassembles instrument and plays notes chords to define accuracy of repair.

11) May tune accordion or concertina reeds [Accordion Tuner ].

12) May repair electronic accordions, using electronic testing equipment, to define defects to verify repairs..

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