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Architect Naval Job Description

Architect Naval Job Description
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This job description (JD) describes the core job duties of architect naval occupation:

Main Job Roles & Responsibilities (Career Tasks):

1) Designs and oversees construction and repair of marine craft floating structures, like ships, barges, tugs, dredges, submarines, torpedoes, floats, and buoys.

2) Studies design proposals and specifications to establish basic characteristics of craft, like size, weight, speed, propulsion, armament, cargo, displacement, draft, crew passenger complements and fresh or salt water service.

3) Oversees construction & testing of prototype in model basin and develops sectional and waterline curves of hull to establish center of gravity, ideal hull form and buoyancy stability data.

4) Designs complete hull and superstructure according to specifications test data, in conformity with standards of safety, efficiency, and economy.

5) Designs layout of craft interior including cargo space, passenger compartments, ladder wells, and elevators.

6) Confers with Marine Engineers profess. and kin. to establish arrangement of boiler room equipment and propulsion machinery, heating ventilating systems, refrigeration equipment, piping, and other functional equipment.

7) Evaluates performance of craft during dock and sea trials to define design changes and conformance with national international standards..

* Note: other work duties may be described based on the business/industry needs from - architect naval - position.

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