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Security Manager Job Description Template

Security Manager Job Description

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Security Manager Career Job Description Duties Example

This job description describes core job duties of security manager occupation.

Main Job Roles / Career Tasks:

1) Responsible to plan implement the security program to meet the needs.

2) Provide security to the facilities, resources, employees guests.

3) Provide risk identification & control through analysis of incident patterns, investigation of problem areas follow up on corrective actions proposed.

4) Complete safety self-assessments to identify areas of needed improvement to reduce risk improve safety.

5) Evaluate programs effect change as needed.

6) Assure compliance with regulatory requirements.

7) Responsible to monitor, identify, recommend and implement security measures; Identify and recommend all security systems program upgrades.

8) Assure standardization, continuity of safety security programs.

9) Maintain awareness, interest commitment.

10) Confer with fire safety emergency preparedness programs as required.

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