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Medical Records Clerk Job Description

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Medical Records Clerk Job Description Template
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Medical Records Clerk Career Job Description Duties Example
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This job description describes core job duties of medical records clerk occupation.

Main Job Roles / Career Tasks:

1) Perform clerical and administrative duties including photocopying, typing various documents; retrieving lab and radiology results customer service.

2) Responsible to review and verify outpatient health records for correct order, identify missing misfiled documents and verify members identification data.

3) Responsible to maintain medical records, file reports, retrieve records, deliver/pick up records retire records.

4) Process all requests for health information; ensuring compliance with all guidance.

5) Enter tracking information for all requests in automated system.

6) Responsible to locate requested information, duplicate information using scanner or copier.

7) Prepare charts for provider per unit medical record department policies.

8) Record preparation includes, but is not limited to scanning records for tracking purposes, adding necessary charting forms.

9) Compile patient records including progress notes, orders, dictations, lab x-ray result.

10) Utilize various computer programs systems to update patient data.

11) Report any malfunctioning equipment for repair any safety hazards.

12) Responsible to obtain, store, maintain safeguard patient shadow files.

13) Assist clinic leadership regarding patient movement, tracking, and disposition.

14) Provide front desk support and serve as initial POC for patients checking in for appointments checking out from appointments.

15) Responsible for answering calls from patients, making appointments and forwarding phone calls patient requests appropriately.

16) Process various reports to include but not limited to patient appointment and provider schedule reports, end of day reports, access to care reports other reports as needed.

17) Provide customer service to patients their families.

18) Provide directions to patients and families on date, time and location for follow-up visits, consults and procedures over the phone in person.

19) Review documents prepared for signature for compliance with departmental command policies.

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