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Automotive Design Layout Drafter Job Description Template

Automotive Design Layout Drafter Job Description

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Automotive Design Layout Drafter Career Job Description Duties Example

This job description describes core job duties of automotive design layout drafter occupation.

Main Job Roles / Career Tasks:

1) Prepares working layouts and master drawings of automotive vehicle components, assemblies, or systems from specifications, prior layouts, well-defined sketches, models or verbal instructions sufficient for detailing, applying knowledge of conventional and computerized drafting techniques and procedures, automotive vehicle design, manufacturing processes & limitations, using conventional drafting instruments computerized work aids.

2) Studies specifications, sketches, notes and other design data and measures prior layouts, using scales & dividers, to define details and dimensions of components being laid out from superimposed views sections of parts on layouts.

3) Lays out on vellum major or minor components, assemblies, or systems in full-scale working layouts.

4) Performs mathematical calculations to work out detailed additions to specifications, applying knowledge of mathematical formulas, using slide rule or digital calculators.

5) Develops design of details not completely defined.

6) Projects sections auxiliary views of components on layouts.

7) Makes corrections, revisions, and changes to layouts as directed by Auto-Design Checker auto.

8) mfg. 017.261-010 or Drafter, Automotive Design auto.

9) Drafts master drawing of approved design on mylar, aluminum, or other materials.

10) Specializes in laying out specific type of body or chassis components, assemblies, or systems.

11) Coordinates works in conjunction with other workers designing, laying out, or detailing same or related structures.

12) May direct activities of detailers..