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List of core working tasks required as accelerator operator employee:

1) Controls operation of particle accelerator used in research experiments involving properties of subatomic particles.

2) Reviews experiment schedule to ascertain particle beam parameters specified by experimenter scientist , like energy, intensity and repetition rate.

3) Communicates with accelerator maintenance personnel to make sure readiness of support systems, like vacuum, water cooling and radiofrequency power source.

4) Sets control panel switches, according to standard procedures, to route electric power from source direct particle beam through injector unit.

5) Turns panel controls and watches meters and panel lights to adjust beam steering units direct beam to accelerator.

6) Pushes console buttons in prescribed sequence to control beam path in accelerator.

7) Adjusts controls to increase beam pulse rate, energy, and intensity to specified levels.

8) Notifies experimenter in target control room when beam parameters meet specifications.

9) Pushes control levers to steer beam to experimenters target, as directed.

10) Monitors readings at console during experiment to make sure accelerator systems meet specifications notifies experimenter of condition.

11) Alters beam parameters during experiment as directed.

12) Ensures that maintenance workers vacate hazardous locations before operations.

13) Records data in log relative to beam specifications, equipment settings used, and beam conditions obtained for future reference.

14) Participates in maintenance modification of systems as member of team.

15) May be designated according to type of accelerator operated..

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