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CFO Job Description

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CFO Job Description Template
Searching for cfo job description sample, this template example #25393 will help to write a career job description for cfo.
CFO Career Job Description Duties Example
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This job description describes core job duties of cfo occupation.

Main Job Roles / Career Tasks:

1) Prepares and coordinates annual budgets, forecasts, year-end close review.

2) Coordinates general accounting activities including billing, accounts receivable includes credit and collections , accounts payable payroll, including timely tax reporting.

3) Works with human resources & president to establish benefits package maintains appropriate tax reporting.

4) Establishes enforces financial controls to make sure good accounting principles are followed.

5) Maintains all financial information – ensuring total compliance to all local, state and federal laws, including the timely and accurate payment of all multi state taxes, including income sales/use tax.

6) Maintains complete inventory control ensures accuracy.

7) Analyzes office operations, procedures and practices as to work flow, schedules other related activities.

8) Assists the president in developing and auditing corporate policies, plans strategies and goals to guide the operations, financial performance, personnel marketing and sales activities to achieve desired objectives for profit return on investment.

9) Manages all financial processes, including purchase and credit approvals, payroll cash flow.

10) Prepares reports and analysis, including but not limited sales job costing, monthly/quarterly/annual financial statements for internal use auditing purposes.

11) Manages finance department supervises employees.

12) Maintains accounting files as required and employee statistics for internal government reporting.

13) Works with human resources to administers compensation analysis, 401 k hsa programs.

14) Prepares periodic financial reporting and statistical analysis to include weekly scorecard, financial statements others.

15) Establishes appropriate financing for day to day operating needs and monitors cash flow working capital.

16) Facilitates and produces annual long term budgets to meet current future needs.

17) Manages internal and external relationships, including accountants, collection agencies, insurance agents, attorneys, vendors and local state agencies as appropriate.

18) Responsible for annual review and renewal of property casualty, worker comp, vehicle, general liability insurances, and ensures that all appropriate insurances are in place, including, but not limited to, directors and officers, errors and omissions, fiduciary others.

19) Maintains accuracy and integrity of all financial statements records.

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