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Urban Planner Job Description Template
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This job description (JD) describes the core job duties of urban planner occupation:

Main Job Roles (Career Tasks):

1) Develops comprehensive plans and programs for utilization of land physical facilities of cities, counties, and metropolitan areas.

2) Compiles and analyzes data on economic, social and physical factors affecting land use and prepares or requisitions graphic narrative reports on data.

3) Confers with local authorities, civic leaders, social scientists and land planning & development specialists to devise and recommend arrangements of land physical facilities for residential, commercial, industrial and community uses.

4) Recommends governmental measures affecting land use, public utilities, community facilities, and housing and transportation to control and guide community development renewal.

5) May review and evaluate environmental impact reports applying to specified private and public planning projects programs.

6) When directing activities of planning department, is known as Chief Planner profess. and kin. ; Director, Planning profess. kin. .

7) Usually employed by local government jurisdictions, but may work for any level of government, or private consulting firms..

* Note: other work duties may be described based on the business/industry needs from - urban planner - position.

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