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Conductor Road Freight Job Description

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Conductor Road Freight Job Description Template
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Conductor Road Freight Career Job Description Duties Example
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This job description describes core job duties of conductor road freight occupation.

Main Job Roles / Career Tasks:

1) Coordinates activities of train crew engaged in transporting freight on freight train.

2) Reads train orders, schedules and other written instructions received from Train Dispatcher r.r.

3) trans. discusses their contents with Locomotive Engineer r.r.

4) Inspects couplings airhoses to make sure that they are securely fastened.

5) Inspects journal boxes to make sure that they are lubricated.

6) Inspects handbrakes on cars to make sure that they are released before train begins to run.

7) Inspects freight cars to make sure that they are securely sealed.

8) Records number of car and corresponding seal number and compares listing with waybill to make sure accuracy of routes destinations.

9) Compares watch with watch of Locomotive Engineer r.r.

10) trans. to make sure that departure time from station or terminal is in accordance with timetable schedules.

11) Signals Locomotive Engineer r.r.

12) trans. via radiotelephone or by waving lantern to begin train run.

13) Talks to Locomotive Engineer r.r.

14) trans. traffic control center personnel via telephone during run to give or receive instructions or information concerning stops, delays, or oncoming trains.

15) Instructs workers to set warning signals in front of at rear of train during emergency stops to warn oncoming trains.

16) Supervises workers engaged in inspection and maintenance of cars and mechanical equipment during run to make sure that train is operating efficiently safely.

17) Records time of departures arrivals at all destinations.

18) Prepares reports at end of run to explain accidents, unscheduled stops, or delays..

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