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Advertising Production Manager Job Description

Free job description template for 'advertising production manager' career.

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Advertising Production Manager Job Description Template
Searching for sample advertising production manager job description template & free word format doc; this example will help you to write a simple document including advertising production manager job duties. copy, save or download.
Advertising production manager job description
Simple template for career tasks, duties and responsibilities

This job description (JD) describes the core job duties of advertising production manager occupation:

Main Job Roles (Career Tasks):

1) Coordinates activities of design, illustration, photography, pasteup, and typography personnel to prepare advertisements for publication, and supervises workers engaged in pasting up advertising layouts in art department or studio.

2) Determines arrangement of art work and photographs & selects style size of type, considering factors like size of advertisement, design, layout, sketches and method or printing specified.

3) Submits copy typography instructions to printing firm or department for typesetting.

4) Reviews proofs of printed copy for conformance to specifications.

5) Assigns personnel to mount printed copy illustration on final layouts, coordinating assignments with completion of art work to make sure that schedules are maintained.

6) Writes instructions for final margin widths type sizes, and submits layout for printing.

7) Examines layout proofs for quality of printing conformance to layout..

* Other work duties may be described based on the business/industry needs from - advertising production manager - position.

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