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Investment Analyst Job Description

Investment Analyst Job Description
Searching for investment analyst job description sample, this template example - #1809 - will help to write a career job description for investment analyst.
Investment Analyst Job Description

This job description describes the core job duties of investment analyst occupation:

Main Responsibilities - Career Tasks:

1) Analyzes financial information to forecast business, industry, and economic conditions, for use in making investment decisions.

2) Gathers and analyzes company financial statements, industry, regulatory & economic information and financial periodicals newspapers.

3) Interprets data concerning price, yield, stability and future trends of investments.

4) Summarizes data describing current and long term trends in investment risks economic influences pertinent to investments.

5) Draws charts graphs to illustrate reports, using computer.

6) Recommends investment timing buy-and-sell orders to company or to staff of investment establishment for advising clients.

7) May call brokers purchase investments for company, according to company policy.

8) May recommend modifications to managements investment policy.

9) May specialize in specific investment area, like bond, commodity, equity, currency, or portfolio management..

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