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Finance Analyst Job Description Template

Finance Analyst Job Description

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Finance Analyst Career Job Description Duties Example

This job description describes core job duties of finance analyst occupation.

Main Job Roles / Career Tasks:

1) Assist in establishing profit center revenue, cost of sales, gross margin, discretionary spending through profit - loss - cost center cost, base, and rate budgets.

2) Prepare a variety of actual vs budget reports for profit and cost center managers including financial & variance analyses recommendations for corrective actions.

3) Develop balance sheets & cash generated - used - schedules; capital program and expenditure budgets; base analyses for assigned profit centers.

4) Perform special economic evaluations, business cost impact analyses, and cash forecasting.

5) Price proposals based on direct labor hours other direct costs inputs.

6) Work closely with program managers, profit center managers, and cost center managers in planning budgeting work, tracking actual incurred spending, anticipated to go spending, and expected profit margins.

7) Prepare contract funding status/backlog reports, project performance reports; monitoring any at risk spending.

8) Respond to financial inquiries on a variety of contract value, contract modifications, funding, revenue, costing, hours, open commitments, and billing issues.

9) Review labor and procurement requisition charging to network activities and cost centers and works closely with accounting on proper company costing practices internal controls.

10) Responsible for observing all laws, regulations and other applicable obligations wherever whenever business is conducted on behalf of the Company.

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