Dehairing Machine Tender Job Description

dehairing machine tender job description duties
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Dehairing Machine Tender Job Description Duties Sample
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Job Title: "Dehairing Machine Tender"
Example Ref#: Job Description Duties (#JOB400601)
Categories: Dehairing, Machine, Tender

Sample Job Description Duties For Dehairing Machine Tender

List of core working tasks required as dehairing machine tender employee:

1) Tends equipment that dehairs slaughtered hogs preparatory to dressing.

2) Turns steam and water valves to fill scalding tank with water heat it to specified temperature.

3) Starts machine conveyors and releases hogs shackled to overhead rail to drop them into tank by tripping lever on shackle or prying shackle loose with steel bar.

4) Pushes hogs through vat and into dehairing machine, using pole, or hooks hogs leg to conveyor chain that pulls hog through tank dehairing machine.

5) May cut slit in leg to expose tendon for hooking to conveyor chain.

6) Opens exit door of machine pulls carcass onto conveyor.

7) May be known according to specific task performed as Dropper, Dehairing Machine ; Feed-in Tender, Dehairing Machine ; Pull-Through Hooker ; Scalder ..

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