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Manager Cemetery Job Description

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Manager Cemetery Job Description Template
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Manager Cemetery Career Job Description Duties Example
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This job description describes core job duties of manager cemetery occupation.

Main Job Roles / Career Tasks:

1) Directs cemetery program and coordinates, through subordinate personnel, activities of workers engaged in providing burial services maintaining cemetery grounds.

2) Formulates and administers cemetery policy services under authority of governing board.

3) Analyzes & coordinates budget estimates regulates expenditures to administer budget.

4) Periodically observes monuments to define needs for repair or replacement.

5) Oversees hiring and firing of applicants workers.

6) Directs activities of clerical staff other workers engaged in burial services, landscaping, or maintenance of cemetery grounds.

7) Directs subordinates to arrange details, like site of burial, digging of grave or opening of crypt, and placement of equipment protective covering, with Director, Funeral personal ser. 187.167-030 or other official for burial services.

8) Directs subordinates to carry out burial arrangements.

9) May participate in layout, planning preparing paperwork on construction projects.

10) May confer with suppliers, architects, contractors, paving company officials, and plumbers to plan oversee major projects.

11) May supervise sales staff or sell burial lots to patrons..

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