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Accountant Job Description

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Accountant Job Description Template
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Accountant Career Job Description Duties Example
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This job description describes core job duties of accountant occupation.

Main Job Roles / Career Tasks:

1) Prepare examine or analyze accounting records financial statements or other financial reports to assess accuracy completeness and conformance to reporting procedural standards.

2) Compute taxes owed prepare tax returns ensuring compliance with payment reporting or other tax requirements.

3) Analyze business operations trends costs revenues financial commitments & obligations to project future revenues expenses or to provide advice.

4) Report to management regarding the finances of establishment.

5) Establish tables of accounts assign entries to proper accounts.

6) Develop maintain analyze budgets preparing periodic reports that compare budgeted costs to actual costs.

7) Develop implement modify and document recordkeeping accounting systems making use of current computer technology.

8) Prepare forms and manuals for accounting and bookkeeping personnel direct their work activities.

9) Survey operations to ascertain accounting needs and to recommend develop or maintain solutions to business financial problems.

10) Advise management about issues like resource utilization tax strategies the assumptions underlying budget forecasts.

11) Provide internal external auditing services for businesses or individuals.

12) Advise clients in areas like compensation employee health care benefits the design of accounting or data processing systems or long-range tax or estate plans.

13) Represent clients before taxing authorities provide support during litigation involving financial issues.

14) Appraise evaluate and inventory real property and equipment recording information like the description value location of property.

15) Maintain or examine the records of government agencies.

16) Serve as bankruptcy trustees or business valuators.

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