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Planner Program Services Job Description

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Planner Program Services Job Description Template
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Planner Program Services Job Description

This job description (JD) describes the core job duties of planner program services occupation:

Main Job Roles (Career Tasks):

1) Conducts studies, prepares reports, and advises public private sector administrators on feasibility, cost-effectiveness, and regulatory conformance of proposals for special projects or ongoing programs in such fields as transportation, conservation, or health care.

2) Consults with administrators or planning councils to discuss overall intent of programs or projects and determines broad guidelines for studies, utilizing knowledge of subject area, research techniques and regulatory limitations.

3) Reviews evaluates materials provided with proposals, like environmental impact statements, construction specifications, or budget or staffing estimates, for defining additional data requirements.

4) Conducts field investigations, economic or public opinion surveys, demographic studies, or other research to gather required information.

5) Organizes data from all sources, using statistical methods to make sure validity of materials.

6) Evaluates information to define feasibility of proposals or to identify factors requiring amendment.

7) Develops alternate plans for program or project, incorporating recommendations, for review of officials.

8) Maintains collection of socioeconomic, environmental, and regulatory data related to agency functions, for use by planning and administrative personnel in government private sectors.

9) Reviews plans proposals submitted by other governmental planning commissions or private organizations to assist in formulation of overall plans for region..

* Other work duties may be described based on the business/industry needs from - planner program services - position.

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