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Hairdressers Job Description

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Hairdressers Job Description Template
Searching for hairdressers job description sample, this template example #24186 will help to write a career job description for hairdressers.
Hairdressers Career Job Description Duties Example
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This job description describes core job duties of hairdressers occupation.

Main Job Roles / Career Tasks:

1) Schedule client appointments.

2) Bleach, dye, or tint hair, using applicator or brush.

3) Update maintain customer information records, like beauty services provided.

4) Shampoo, rinse, condition and dry hair scalp or hairpieces with water, liquid soap, or other solutions.

5) Operate cash registers to receive payments from patrons.

6) Demonstrate and sell hair care products cosmetics.

7) Develop new styles techniques.

8) Apply water, setting, straightening or waving solutions to hair and use curlers, rollers, hot combs and curling irons to press curl hair.

9) Comb, brush, and spray hair or wigs to set style.

10) Shape eyebrows remove facial hair, using depilatory cream, tweezers, electrolysis or wax.

11) Administer therapeutic medication advise patron to seek medical treatment for chronic or contagious scalp conditions.

12) Massage and treat scalp for hygienic remedial purposes, using hands, fingers, or vibrating equipment.

13) Shave, trim and shape beards moustaches.

14) Train or supervise other hairstylists, hairdressers assistants.

15) Give facials to patrons, using special compounds like lotions creams.

16) Clean, shape, and polish fingernails and toenails, using files nail polish.

17) Apply artificial fingernails.

18) Attach wigs or hairpieces to model heads and dress wigs hairpieces according to instructions, samples, sketches or photographs.

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