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Special Education Teacher Job Description Template

Special Education Teacher Job Description

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Special Education Teacher Career Job Description Duties Example

This job description describes core job duties of special education teacher occupation.

Main Job Roles / Career Tasks:

1) Responsible to develop and implement individualized academic programs by performing formal and informal assessments of academic achievement, social-emotional development, and vocational skills according to governmental organizational guidelines.

2) Prepare materials, individualized lesson plans and activities according to assessment goals.

3) Demonstrate knowledge of effective instructional techniques by using a wide variety of materials & mediums of delivery avoiding overuse of any one medium.

4) Demonstrate knowledge of treatment planning process by reviewing referral and assessment data to obtain each student history, issues, and disabilities; by preparing for treatment planning meetings, providing current, specific data, and creating appropriate goals and objectives; by developing and employing strategies & interventions; by monitoring & evaluating student progress; by sharing information.

5) Manage the classroom to maintain a safe, secure, and effective learning environment by providing a high degree of structure, clear expectations, and consistency.

6) Implement expectations consequences as appropriate for each student as outlined in behavior management plan.

7) Maintain a firm, fair, and consistent approach to the instruction of students and promotes student involvement by reinforcing positive behaviors as outlined in the behavior management plan for the facility classroom.

8) Anticipate potential behavior problems in students by maintaining line-of-sight supervision of assigned students at all times assessing their behavior patterns.

9) Ensure the rights of students are observed and protected through the use of appropriate respectful communication, proper de-escalation techniques, and correct physical restraint methods when necessary.

10) Project a positive role model image for students and colleagues by participating as a team member, cooperating with staff, demonstrating compromise and appropriate expression of opinions, attending staff meetings as required actively participating in all other school related activities/functions.

11) Utilize chain-of-command in all aspects of program and follows organization policies procedures.

12) Maintain appropriate relationships with the students by treating students in a respectful manner at all times, by eliciting students interest cooperation, and by maintaining appropriate boundaries.

13) Maintain confidentiality of all student records per program guidelines.

14) Demonstrate knowledge of Integrity Assurance Review - IAR - standards by responding to feedback about observations areas needing development, showing steady improvement or maintenance, identifying new areas for growth, and expanding skills.

15) Responsible to promote maintain positive community relations by coordinating efforts with outside agencies, groups, and individuals to expand the teaching program.

16) Responsible to communicate and cooperate with families, relevant external personnel, and staff members, ensuring all communication of information - written verbal - is clear, concise, legible, accurate, and courteous.

17) Provide timely, accurate, and professional documentation by recording daily grades/points, progress notes, progress reports, report cards, incident reports, and behavior data in accordance with standard practices of the facility.

18) Document all external and internal contacts and relays student information according to company governmental guidelines.

19) Assure the classroom physical environment is conducive to learning by maintaining the cleanliness and orderliness of the classroom work areas, including but not limited to desk, shelves, and storage areas.

20) Assure that wall hangings and posters are appropriate and promote a positive learning atmosphere and that class schedules & student progress charts are clearly creatively posted.

21) Assure proper maintenance operation of equipment used in the classroom.

22) Maintain adequate inventory of classroom supplies, by monitoring daily use of supplies preparing replacement order as necessary.

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