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Engineer Automated Equipment Job Description

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Engineer Automated Equipment Job Description Template
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Engineer Automated Equipment Career Job Description Duties Example
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This job description describes core job duties of engineer automated equipment occupation.

Main Job Roles / Career Tasks:

1) Installs machinery equipment used to emboss, die-cut, score, fold, and transfer paper or cardboard stock to form box blanks, knock-down advertising displays, and similar products.

2) Confers with customers engineering staff to define layout of equipment, to resolve problems of machine design and to avoid construction problems in plant.

3) Arranges machine parts according to sequence of assembly effective use of floor space.

4) Directs workers in positioning equipment, following floor plans manufacturers instructions.

5) Assembles and installs electrical and electromechanical components systems, using handtools, electrical testing instruments, soldering irons, and wiring diagrams.

6) Operates equipment through trial run to verify setup.

7) Adjusts controls setup of machine for specified type, thickness, and size of stock to be processed, for prescribed sequence of operating stages, and to make sure maximum efficiency.

8) Instructs equipment operators and engineering maintenance personnel regarding setup, operation, and maintenance of equipment.

9) Repairs services equipment, following preventive maintenance schedule or upon customers request.

10) May modify previously installed equipment to make sure compatibility with new units, or install safety devices or attachments to old equipment.

11) May confer with customers engineers to define effective methods of programming work for machine processing..

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