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Team Leader Job Description

Searching for team leader job description sample, this template example - #19644 - will help to write a career job description for team leader.
Career Job Description Duties and Responsibilities

This job description describes the core job duties of team leader occupation:

Main Responsibilities - Career Tasks:

1) Assists Quality Assurance Supervisor auto.

2) mfg. 806.137-022 in coordinating and monitoring activities of workers engaged in inspecting & testing assembled motor vehicles, components and parts, as vehicles and subassemblies proceed through stages of assembly process, applying knowledge of quality assurance standards procedures.

3) Confers with supervisor & reviews assembly specifications production schedules.

4) Assigns workers to work stations monitors department activities.

5) Interprets standards procedures, and assists workers in resolving technical problems.

6) Reports unresolved problems to supervisor.

7) Demonstrates tools, equipment, and work aids used in performing quality assurance tasks.

8) May attend management meetings to represent work group record minutes of meeting.

9) May conduct work group team meetings to relay management information to workers, and solicit response to work-related problems.

10) May perform duties of absent workers to maintain work schedules..

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