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Gas Lift Engineer Job Description

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Gas Lift Engineer Career Job Description Duties Example

This job description describes core job duties of gas lift engineer occupation.

Main Job Roles / Career Tasks:

1) Operates steam or internal combustion engines to transmit, compress, or recover gases, like butane, nitrogen, hydrogen, and natural gas in various production processes.

2) Moves controls turns valves to start compressor engines, pumps and auxiliary equipment.

3) Monitors meters, gauges and recording instrument charts to make sure specified temperature, pressure and flow of gas through system.

4) Observes operation of equipment to detect malfunctions.

5) Records instrument readings operational changes in operating log.

6) May operate purification tanks scrubbers to purify air or byproduct gases.

7) May tend pumps to mix specified amounts of acids caustics with water for use in purifying gases.

8) May perform minor repairs on equipment, using handtools.

9) May conduct chemical tests to define sulfur or moisture content in gas.

10) May be designated according to type of gas compressed or recovered as Butadiene-Compressor Operator chemical ; Butane-Compressor Operator petrol.

11) refin. ; Ethylene-Compressor Operator chemical .

12) May operate equipment to control transmission of natural gas through pipelines be designated Compressor-Station Engineer pipe lines ..

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