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List of core working tasks required as absorption operator employee:

1) Controls equipment that absorbs gases liquids into water or other solvents to produce s, like hydrochloric acid or ammonium hydroxide.

2) Starts pumps, turns valves and observes flowmeters to control concentration, flow, temperature and quantity of coolant, gas, liquid and absorbing liquor through cooling absorption towers.

3) Turns valves to regulate feed of solution produced & rate of steam to purge boilers and condensers to separate impurities from solution and obtain product of designated strength specific gravity.

4) Draws sample and tests specific quality and acidity, using hydrometer pH meter, or submits sample to laboratory for analysis.

5) Pumps solution between equipment storage tanks or tank cars.

6) Maintains log of instrument readings, test results, and shift production.

7) May be designated according to solution produced as Ammonium-Hydroxide Operator ; Aqua-Ammonia Operator ; Hydrochloric-Acid Operator ..

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