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Prom Burn Off Operator Application Letter Template
Searching for prom burn off operator application letter sample, this template example - #16465 - will help to write a job application letter for prom burn off operator.
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Dear Ms. Smith,

I'm interested in working for your Segma Int. as resume would be sent upon your request. Listed bellow a brief of my career work experience including duties and responsibilities.

My resume is enclosed for your review. Given my closely Experience:

Job title: Prom Burn Off Operator, Company: New Line Inc

Duties and Responsibilities were to:

1) Tend equipment that automatically transfers programmed information onto integrated circuits Ics on dies or Ic packages, like Proms programmable read only memory

2) Read work order that accompanies Ics for processing to define programming specifications

3) Secure master Prom or die in equipment

4) Keys in codes, using computer keyboard presses buttons to activate equipment that reproduces master program in programmer

5) Observe digital displays on equipment to make sure that master program is not defective to define when reproduction of program is completed in programmer

6) Position blank Proms pushes lever to lock Proms in sockets of programmer; or positions blank dies on platform of die probe equipment, views dies through microscope, and also turns knobs on equipment to position specified areas of dies under probes prior to programming

7) Press switches to activate programmer that reproduces program on blank Proms or dies

8) Observe defect indicator lights to detect defective Proms or dies to define completion of programming

9) Maintain production records

10) May load defective Proms into equipment that exposes Proms to ultraviolet light for timed intervals to erase programmed information in order to reuse Proms.

I do appreciate your time taken to review my application letter.

Thanks And Best Regards

Flori Rothenberg

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