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Patcher Wood Welder Application Letter

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Patcher Wood Welder Application Letter Template
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Dear Ms. Smith,

I'm interested in working for your Segma Int. as resume would be sent upon your request. Listed bellow a brief of my career work experience including duties and responsibilities.

My resume is enclosed for your review. Given my closely Experience:

Job title: Patcher Wood Welder, Company: New Line Inc

Duties and Responsibilities were to:

1) Repair defective or damaged wooden gunstocks forearms grips

2) Trim outline of holes, cracks, chips plus splintered sections to form seat for patch, using punches, chisels plus hammers

3) Select wood of matching grain & color shapes wedges or dowels to form patch, using knives, files, benchsaw and additionally sanding wheel

4) Brush patch with adhesive positions it in seat

5) Place patched section between pole plates of heating machine to set adhesive

6) Trim patch flush with stock surface

7) Melt stick shellac into scratches, patched section, dents, and also blemishes to fill damaged areas, using soldering iron or heated file

8) Remove excess shellac from repaired area, using sandpaper

9) May attach specified bakelite cap or ebony tip on stock.

I do appreciate your time taken to review my application letter.

Thanks And Best Regards

Flori Rothenberg

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