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Dental Technician Job Posting
performs any combination of following tasks to fabricate repair dental appliances, according to dentists (medical ser.) 072.101-010 prescription, using handtools, molding equipment, and also bench fabricating machines. reads prescription plus examines dental models impressions to define type of denture to be made or repaired applying knowledge of dental laboratory techniques. fabricates full or partial dentures, using wax, plastic plaster models, articulators, grinders and additionally poli...

Conveyor Tender Job Posting
tends conveyor or conveyor system that moves materials or products by belt, auger, or bucket conveyors to as well as from stockpiles, bins, silos, processing operations, or departments, or to load plus unload railroad cars trucks. moves levers or pushes buttons to start conveyor. loads conveyor by hand, lift, or hoist or by opening gates, chutes, or hoppers. observes movement of materials or products on conveyor dislodges jams, using pole, bar, handtools, or by hand. notifies supervisor of...

Centrifuge Operator Job Posting
tends centrifuge as well as auxiliary equipment that washes dries slurry solution, formed during making of soap, to recover glycerin-free salt. tests sample of slurry from decantation tank for salt content to define rate of flow of solution into centrifuge hopper, using testing instruments, like hydrometer. turns valve to run slurry into centrifuge presses switch to start machine. observes gauges to verify rate of flow adjusts thermostat to regulate temperature of water in centrifuge. open...

Blow pit Helper Job Posting
assists blow-pit operator (paper pulp) in washing pulp to remove cooking acid. pulls lever to close blow pit drain covers. dumps pulp from digester into blow pit. turns handwheel to open drain valves that permit gravity drainage of cooking liquor into recovery vat or sewers. flushes residual pulp from blow pit, using high-pressure water hose. cleans work area, using broom, hose, and also shovel. performs other duties as described under helper (any industry) master title....

Blocker Job Posting
tends machine that polishes (blocks) surface of flat glass for products, like mirrors display cases. positions glass on padded table under felt-covered polishing heads. pours polishing compound, like cerium or rouge, on glass surface. moves lever to lower polishing heads onto glass surface. pushes as well as pulls table along guide rails tracks to bring entire surface of glass into contact with polishing heads or moves polishing heads over glass on stationary table. raises polishing heads w...

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