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Tying machine Operator Lumber Job Posting
tends machine that wraps ties bundles of lumber with wire or twine. places roll of wire or twine on machine spindle plus threads through guides to knotter cutter. stacks specified number of boards or furniture parts on machine table clamps pile in place. starts machine as well as depresses pedal that actuates machine to wrap plus tie wire or twine around pile cut wire or twine free from roll. stacks bundled stock on dolly or sets bundles on conveyor belt. may wrap ends of bundle with p...

Association Executive Job Posting
directs coordinates activities of professional or trade association in accordance with established policies to further achievement of goals, objectives, and also standards of profession or association. directs research surveys, compilation plus analysis of factors, like average income, benefits, standards plus common problems of profession, for presentation to association committees for action. confers with officers to make sure that membership roster is current & complete as well as that m...

Orthopedic shoe Fitter Job Posting
evaluates customers foot conditions as well as fits sells corrective shoes, using knowledge of orthopedics or following prescription. examines malformed or injured joints bone structure of customers feet, or reads physicians prescription to define type of corrective shoe required. selects shoes from stock or draws outline takes measurements of customers feet to order custom-made shoes. examines shoes on customers feet to verify correctness of fit. performs other duties as described under sa...

Brush Filler Hand Job Posting
fills prebored brush heads with hog bristles, horsehair, nylon, vegetable fiber, or other brush-filling materials. secures brush base in bench fixture. threads wire through hole in brush head. loops end of wire around filling material, pulls material through hole in brush head, and also ties wire to secure material. repeats process until holes are filled....

Counter weigher Job Posting
performs any combination of following duties to tally products or raw materials, like field crops, fish, livestock, typewriter as well as watch parts, and also steel ingots, received from suppliers or by from workers, for payroll, payment, and also production control purposes, using weight scales, counting devices, and also tally sheets. computes records totals of tallied figures, using adding machine. examines sorts items tallied. records number types of defects for quality control purpos...

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