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uncrates, assembles, installs, and also repairs furniture office equipment in customers homes or offices. uncrates assembles items, using handtools. repairs & paints dents scratches in metal or wood. cleans, repairs, and also replaces safe file drawers, locks, catches, and also slides. may repair or replace damaged vinyl or fabric upholstery material, using handtools, patching, needle, and also thread....
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repairs, adjusts, and also maintains machines as well as equipment used in submarine-cable office or station to control cable traffic, using electrical meters handtools. examines malfunctioning machines plus equipment, like automatic transmitters, direct writers, perforating machines, printers relays plus siphon recorders, to define defects, using meters, like voltmeter, ohmmeter plus capacity meter. makes adjustments, or dismantles machines for repairs or replacement of parts, using handt...
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supervises coordinates activities of workers engaged in mixing, weighing, and also bagging fertilizer materials. directs workers in receiving plus storing chemicals other ingredients. maintains inventory of tools, equipment and additionally materials in storage. directs workers in bagging weighing finished product. trains workers in operation of equipment. performs other duties as described under supervisor (any industry) master title....
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drives electric-powered transfer (flat) car to transfer carloads of lumber between loading, drying, and also storage areas, and also operates winch to load unload kilns. turns rheostat lever to drive transfer car along track to loading platform plus aligns rails (tracks) on transfer car with rails on platform. hooks winch cable to carload of lumber & pushes as well as pulls levers to activate winch pull loaded lumber car onto transfer car. drives transfer car with carload of lumber to desi...
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breeds, raises, and also protects game animals birds on state game farm or private game preserves. cares for breeding stocks in pens. selects pairs for mating on basis of size, color, vigor, or desired characteristics. gathers eggs for artificial incubation, and also transfers young to rearing pens. mixes feed according to formulas fills feeding stations. cleans fills water containers. sets as well as maintains traps for predatory plus noxious animals birds that may prey upon or carry di...
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