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Job TitleForge Utility Worker
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Who Is "Forge Utility Worker"?

1) Performs any combination of following tasks in forging plant.

2) Moves workpieces from furnace to hammer anvil, using tongs or hoist.

3) Opens closes electrically controlled furnace doors to assist steel press crew.

4) Positions as well as turns workpieces work aids during forging by Heavy Forger (forging).

5) Removes scale from anvil, using broom airhose.

6) Cleans work area with broom as well as shovel plus cleans machine parts, using rag solvent.

7) Replaces forge crew tools in specified racks.

8) May assist in installing dies used in forging operations.

9) May cut material to specified size with handsaw, and also smooth parts with bench grinder to assist Blacksmith (forging).

10) May remove cracks in ingots, billets, or forgings, using swing grinder.

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