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Designs as well as oversees construction plus repair of marine craft floating structures, like ships, barges, tugs, dredges, submarines, torpedoes, floats, and also buoys. Studies design proposals plus specifications to establish basic characteristics of craft, like size, weight, speed, propulsion, armament, cargo, displacement, draft, crew passenger complements plus fresh or salt water service. Oversees construction & testing of prototype in model basin as well as develops sectional plus waterline curves of hull to establish center of gravity, ideal hull form and additionally buoyancy stability data. Designs complete hull as well as superstructure according to specifications test data, in conformity with standards of safety, efficiency, and also economy. Designs layout of craft interior including cargo space, passenger compartments, ladder wells, and also elevators. Confers with Marine Engineers (profess. as well as kin.) to establish arrangement of boiler room equipment plus propulsion machinery, heating ventilating systems, refrigeration equipment, piping, and also other functional equipment. Evaluates performance of craft during dock as well as sea trials to define design changes plus conformance with national international standards.

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Designs ornamental metal items, like grills, lattice work, statuary, railings, displays, plaques, and also light fixtures, and also tooling for fabrication, utilizing knowledge of properties of metal, fabrication techniques, principles of design, and also artistic talent. Analyzes sketches or observes measures physical surroundings prior to installation. Selects designs from pattern book, alters or originates designs according to customer specifications. Draws detail sketches prescribes fabricating techniques. Forges tools, like peening hammers, bending jigs, and also scroll forms, using forge, machine tools, welding equipment, and also hand forming tools. May sculpture plastic patterns to form molding castings. Builds products from original design or working models [Ornamental-Metal Worker (metal prod., nec)]. May prescribe colors for painted parts.

Ornamental metalwork Designer @ Job Descriptions And Duties:
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Provides graphic design services for a diverse range of projects as well as platforms—including web email tablets slides print collateral other media as needed. Creates plus develops layouts in various formats (indesign marketo illustrator & others) from the content source material (such as text images sketches comps) provided. Provides graphics support via illustration image editing/formatting video editing. Takes responsibility for meeting agreed project timelines; works with other project team members to complete projects as assigned. Manages multiple projects simultaneously be comfortable working on diverse teams. Helps ensure that assigned projects are in alignment with the corporate style guide industry best practices. Contributes to setting up as well as maintaining templates plus style sheets in various platforms and formats as requested including emails landing pages web pages videos flyers promotional materials. Helps keep digital files/assets properly organized stored archived.

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Fabricates boots as well as shoes for deformed feet according to prescription patients measurements. Studies prescription to define degree of deformity type of correction to be built into shoe. Measures foot, using calipers, tape measure, rule and additionally other measuring devices & instruments and additionally applying knowledge of foot anatomy orthopedic shoe-making techniques. Discusses boot shoe styles available with customer to define customers desires. Makes plaster cast of foot when exact measurements are required. Designs paper patterns for shoe parts cuts out leather from pattern, using knives. Marks as well as punches out eyelets, and also inserts clinches metal rings in holes, using eyelet riveter. Tacks insole on last draws upper over last with pliers, tacking upper in place. Inserts foam cushioning or arch support material, like steel, leather, or cork, under insole to support or cushion foot. Sews sole upper together, using sewing machine. Glues cork, leather, wood, or rubber material to build up extension of outer sole to specified height. Buffs surface of sole curves sole upward to provide stable walking surface. May fabricate arch supports which can be inserted in regular shoes.

Orthopedic boot and shoe Designer And Maker @ Job Descriptions And Duties:
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Designs layout for integrated circuits (Ic), according to engineering specifications, using computer-assisted design (Cad) equipment software, and also utilizing knowledge of electronics, drafting, and also Ic design rules (standard Ic manufacturing process requirements). Reviews plus analyzes engineering design schematics & supporting documents, like logic diagrams design rules to plan layout of Ic. Confers with engineering staff to resolve design details or problems. Enters engineering specifications into computer memory of Cad equipment as well as composes configurations on equipment display screen of Ic logic elements (basic components of integrated circuit, like resistors transistors) for all Ic layers, using keyboard, digitizing work aids (light pen or digitizing tablet), and also engineering design schematics, and also applying knowledge of design rules, programmed Cad functions, and also electronics. Compares logic element configuration on equipment display screen with engineering schematics redesigns or modifies logic elements, as needed, using digitizing work aids (light pen or digitizing tablet), keyboard, and also programmed Cad functions. Lays out, redesigns, and also modifies arrangement as well as interconnections of logic elements for each layer of integrated circuit, using digitizing work aids (light pen or digitizing tablet), keyboard programmed Cad functions listed on display screen. Keys in specified commands, using Cad equipment keyboard, to test final Ic layout for errors in design rules, using design rule software package. May generate copy of logic element design, using plotter to verify that logic element design copy meets design requirements for use in laying out Ic layer design for Very Large Scale (Vls) integrated circuits. May generate tape of final layout design for use in producing photo masks for each layer of Ic, using Cad equipment. May program Cad equipment to change Cad functions listed on display screen, using keyboard. May be designated according to complexity of Ic designed as IC Designer, Custom (profess. as well as kin.); Ic Designer, Gate Arrays (profess. plus kin.); Ic Designer, Standard Cells (profess. kin.).

Integrated Circuit Layout Designer @ Job Descriptions And Duties:
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Lays out, marks, and also cuts muslin pattern garment parts for manufacturer of womens sportswear, using design sketch, master pattern, and also scissors. Traces outline of specified paperboard pattern onto muslin fabric plus cuts muslin pattern, using scissors. Positions pins muslin pattern sections onto dressmaker model form for marking of style lines by designer. Removes marked sections from model as well as traces style lines on pattern, using tracing wheel carbon paper. Positions as well as pins garment muslin patterns onto form for designer to approve that patterns conform in proportion, harmony, and also balance to design-sketch concept. Traces cuts garment fabric parts, following muslin pattern. Advises workers who sew garment parts together on procedures, like type of stitching, positioning of collars sleeves on garments, and also correcting defects.

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Originates develops ideas to design the form of manufactured products. Reads publications, attends showings plus consults with engineering, marketing, production plus sales representatives to establish design concepts. Evaluates design ideas based on factors like appealing appearance, design-function relationships, serviceability, materials methods engineering, application, budget, price, production costs, methods of production, market characteristics and additionally client specifications. Integrates findings as well as concepts sketches design ideas. Presents design to client or design committee as well as discusses need for modification change. May design product packaging graphics for advertising. May build simulated model, using hand as well as power tools various materials. May prepare illustrations. May prepare or coordinate preparation of working drawings from sketches design specifications. May design products for custom applications. May be required to have specialized product knowledge. Usually specializes in specific product or type of product including, but not limited to hardware, motor vehicle exteriors as well as interiors, scientific instruments, industrial equipment, luggage, jewelry, housewares, toys, or novelties is designated accordingly.

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Designs solar domestic hot water as well as space heating systems for new existing structures, applying knowledge of energy requirements of structure, local climatological conditions, solar technology, and also thermodynamics. Estimates energy requirements of new or existing structures, based on analysis of utility bills of structure, calculations of thermal efficiency of structure plus prevailing climatological conditions. Determines type of solar system, like water, glycol, or silicone, which functions most efficiently under prevailing climatological conditions. Calculates on-site heat generating capacity of different solar panels to define optimum size type of panels which meet structures energy requirements. Arranges location of solar system components, like panel, pumps, and also storage tanks, to minimize length as well as number of direction changes in pipes reconstruction of existing structures. Studies engineering tables to define size of pipes pumps required to maintain specified flow rate through solar panels. Specifies types of electrical controls, like differential thermostat, temperature sensors, and also solenoid valves, compatible with other system components, using knowledge of control systems. Completes parts list, specifying components of system. Draws wiring, piping, and also other diagrams, using drafting tools. May inspect structures to compile data used in solar system design, like structures angle of alignment with sun temperature of incoming cold water. May inspect construction of system to make sure adherence to design specifications.

Solar energy systems Designer @ Job Descriptions And Duties:
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Designs engraving plate for printing government securities, like currency, stamps, and also bonds, according to preliminary drawings as well as knowledge of engraving printing techniques. Examines preliminary sketch of design from government agency desiring to issue new or modified design. Modifies design to conform with technical characteristics & limitations of reproduction, engraving and additionally printing equipment to introduce design elements to discourage counterfeiting, using drawing instruments. Selects or suggests colored inks pleasing to eye, consistent with dignity of security need to discourage counterfeiting. Confers with representatives of issuing agency to obtain design approval. May originate designs design suggestions for securities.

Bank note Designer @ Job Descriptions And Duties:
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Develops plans for single stage or progressive stage dies for stamping, forming, forging, or extrusion presses, according to blueprints of product as well as knowledge of press characteristics process limitations. Drafts drawings of dies necessary to form complete forging, stamping, or other part. Determines sequence & number of die stages in which single or progressive cutting, punching, forming will be accomplished and additionally type of die sets required to produce complete part, based on knowledge of dies, forming processes and additionally machines. Drafts scale drawings of each die set, delineating contours dimensions for manufacture of die. Compares part drawings with wood patterns of cast dies to define correctness of pattern dimensions form. May observe setup tryout of newly developed die set in production machine to define need for redesign or readiness for production use.

Die Designer @ Job Descriptions And Duties:
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Drive the creation for compelling websites, landing pages micro sites. Building new features, ensureing consistent plus compelling visual style & create graphics, user interfaces, style sheets templates. Generating analytical reporting communicating with technical support as needed. Working collaboratively with other web designers as well as marketing it business units.

Web Designer @ Job Descriptions And Duties:
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Examine objects to be included in exhibits in order to plan where how to display them. Acquire, or arrange for acquisition of, specimens or graphics required to complete exhibits. Confer with clients as well as staff in order to gather information about exhibit space, proposed themes content, timelines, budgets, materials, and/or promotion requirements. Estimate set- or exhibit-related costs including materials, construction, and also rental of props or locations. Develop set designs based on evaluation of scripts, budgets, research information, and also available locations. Direct coordinate construction, erection, or decoration activities in order to make sure that sets or exhibits meet design, budget, and also schedule requirements. Inspect installed exhibits for conformance to specifications, and also satisfactory operation of special effects components. Plan for location-specific issues like space limitations, traffic flow patterns, and also safety concerns. Submit plans for approval, and also adapt plans to serve intended purposes, or to conform to budget or fabrication restrictions. Prepare preliminary renderings of proposed exhibits, including detailed construction, layout, and also material specifications, and also diagrams relating to aspects like special effects and/or lighting. Select as well as purchase lumber hardware necessary for set construction. Collaborate with those in charge of lighting sound so that those production aspects can be coordinated with set designs or exhibit layouts. Research architectural stylistic elements appropriate to the time period to be depicted, consulting experts for information as necessary. Design as well as produce displays plus materials that can be used to decorate windows, interior displays, or event locations like streets fairgrounds. Coordinate the removal of sets, props, and also exhibits after productions or events are complete. Select set props like furniture, pictures, lamps, and also rugs. Confer with conservators in order to define how to handle an exhibits environmental aspects, like lighting, temperature, and also humidity, so that objects will be protected exhibits will be enhanced. Assign staff to complete design ideas as well as prepare sketches, illustrations, and also detailed drawings of sets, or graphics animation. Observe sets during rehearsals in order to make sure that set elements do not interfere with performance aspects like cast movement camera angles. Design build scale models of set designs, or miniature sets used in filming backgrounds or special effects. Read scripts in order to define location, set, and also design requirements. Attend rehearsals as well as production meetings in order to obtain share information related to sets. Arrange for outside contractors to construct exhibit structures. Provide supportive materials for exhibits as well as displays, like press kits plus advertising, posters, brochures, catalogues, and also invitations publicity notices. Incorporate security systems into exhibit layouts. Coordinate the transportation of sets that are built off-site, and also coordinate their setup at the site of use.

Set And Exhibit Designer @ Job Descriptions And Duties:
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Initiate, develop as well as execute the design of multiple visual communications strategies, including digital screen media, conventional print media, advertising campaigns, web communication, brand identity logos including brochures collateral across multiple business units. Provide exceptional design talent outstanding customer service. Develop work flow approval process for designs to meet the marketing calender timeline. Prepare complex design illustrations templates, photos, and also pictures for graphic design projects. Inspect proofs for accuracy adherence to appropriate production standards. Create publish brochures, flyers, handouts, marketing materials, organizational charts, and also web based materials. May coordinate with multiple clients to develop themes designs to achieve desired results. Create as well as follow standard, incorporate brand identity communicate a fresh, contemporary, professional look. Create as well as maintain content specifications design guidelines, quality control of content, and also support design strategy. Custom designs unique, topical templates as well as coordinates collateral materials for special events, presentations plus initiatives throughout the year including major annual events including the all-hands meeting, dining and retail locations (including, but not limited to ,concept & menu design), the employee recognition ceremony holiday party, and also visiting committees; training sessions like leadership series, hr fireside chats; commitment to wellness program, sustainability initiatives, and also numerous others. Design custom invitations, greeting cards, signage, posters, t-shirts, flyers, brochures, postcards, newspaper ads, e-flyers, custom-branded products numerous other collateral materials. Produce/fabricate mock-ups prototypes. Work closely with marketing-related vendors including printers as well as sign shops to request competitive quotes; define deliverables, success outcomes to make sure timely deliverable objectives, within budgetary parameters. Coordinate workflow between design development as well as vendors plus print shops to evaluate quality process. Anticipate needs as well as recognizes opportunities for greater efficiency in marketing proactively brings potential solutions forward for discussion with leadership. Anticipate as well as tracks critical dates on the marketing calendar including events, associated action items, follow up dates, deadlines vendor deliver dates. Follows up with appropriate parties on behalf of marketing to make sure that deadlines are met. Responsible for maintaining accurate account of time as well as resources by date plus project submitting this information to management on a regular basis. Handle additional overflow projects, work assignments other duties as assigned.

Marketing Graphic Designer @ Job Descriptions And Duties:
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Assists in the development of print digital marketing collateral. Prepares layouts drawings plus other graphic products in compliance with established templates & design standards as well as using computer graphics and page-layout software graphic elements photography. Creates original designs setting new standards. Takes initiative on improving collateral materials departmental processes. Adheres to all corporate identity guidelines when preparing graphic materials. Sees material through final production. Liaises with internal clients as well as with others in corporate marketing communications to execute collateral creation projects. Recommends techniques methods as well as media best suited to produce desired visual effects successfully communicate marketing message. Responsible for developing as well as monitoring production schedules adhering to an assigned budget. Serves as the primary contact person for associated vendors. Adheres to departmental policies processes procedures practices. Understands as well as adopts principles practices of good client service.

Graphic Designer @ Job Descriptions And Duties:
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Under supervision, prepares construction plans, design calculations, specifications quantity take-offs. Processing permits applications for the project with local permitting jurisdictions. Drafting cad support for assigned projects. Attend internal external project meetings. Review submittals construction requests for information. Perform onsite inspections during construction coordinate design requirements with contractors.

Civil Project Designer @ Job Descriptions And Duties:
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Responsible to prepare lay outs as well as produce various publications plus artwork like slide presentations, newsletters, signs, flyers, brochures, directories, maps, posters, billboards, logos, exhibits or displays illustrations. Develop layouts artwork. Responsible to plan coordinate a work schedule in order to meet the needs. Maintain the web sites using specialized coding and/or a Web Content Management design application including building or adapting site architecture, webpage design, and also creation of graphic elements, troubleshooting conflicts updating information. Create illustrations, posters slide presentations as visual aids for presentations. Design exhibits displays like information signs, and also photo displays. Design logos/symbols for special projects. Create precise art illustrations using scans of traditional drawings, digital drawing skills or by modifying existing digital art files. Prepare slide presentations to correspond with written materials. Provide videotaping services. Take photographs of special events as needed; preparing, correcting matting photographs when necessary. Consult regarding technical quality requirements as well as printing deadlines to make sure that artwork is produced correctly on time.

Graphic Designer @ Job Descriptions And Duties:
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Originates designs for fabrication of cloth, specifying weave pattern, color, and also gauge of thread, to create new fabrics according to functional requirements fashion preferences of consumers. Develops new ideas for fabrics, utilizing knowledge of textiles fashion trends. Consults with technical merchandising staff to obtain design ideas and additionally to estimate consumer acceptance of new types of fabrics. Sketches designs for patterns on graph paper, using water colors, brushes, pens, and also rulers, or prepares written instructions to specify details, like finish, color, and also construction of fabric. Examines fabricated sample on loom modifies design as required. May be designated according to product designed as Rug Designer (carpet rug); Woven-Label Designer (narrow fabrics).

Pattern Designer @ Job Descriptions And Duties:
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Designs mens, womens, and also childrens clothing accessories. Analyzes fashion trends plus predictions, confers with sales management executives, compares leather, fabrics plus other apparel materials plus integrates findings with personal interests, tastes plus knowledge of design to create new designs for clothing, shoes, handbags plus other accessories. Sketches rough & detailed drawings of apparel writes specifications describing factors, like color scheme, construction and additionally type of material to be used. Confers with as well as coordinates activities of workers who draw plus cut patterns construct garments to fabricate sample garment. Examines sample garment on as well as off model modifies design as necessary to achieve desired effect. May draw pattern for article designed, using measuring drawing instruments. May construct sample, using sewing equipment. May arrange for showing of sample garments at sales meetings or fashion shows. May attend fashion as well as fabric shows to observe new fashions materials. May be identified according to specific group designed for, like men, women, or children or areas of specialization, like sportswear, coats, dresses, suits, lingerie, or swimwear. May design custom garments for clients be designated Custom Garment Designer (retail trade). May conduct research as well as design authentic period, country, or social class costumes to be worn by film, television, concert, stage, and also other performers plus be designated Costume Designer (profess. kin.). May design, fabricate, repair, and also sell leather articles be designated Leather Crafter (leather prod.). May design, copy, or modify clothing accessories as well as be designated according to article designed as Handbag Designer (leather prod.); Hat Designer (hat plus cap); or Shoe Designer (boot shoe).

Clothes Designer @ Job Descriptions And Duties:
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Designs furniture for manufacture, according to knowledge of design trends, offerings of competition, production costs, capability of production facilities, and also characteristics of companys market. Confers with production, design plus sales personnel to obtain design suggestions customer orders. Evaluates orders proposals for defining feasibility of producing item. Sketches freehand design of article. Obtains approval from customer, design committee, or authorized company officials, and also originates scale or full size drawing, using drawing instruments. Prepares itemized production requirements to produce item. Traces drawing on material for use in production of blueprints, using drawing instruments. Prepares or directs preparation of blueprints containing manufacturing specifications, like dimensions, kind of wood, and also upholstery fabrics to be used in manufacturing article. Attends staff conference with plant personnel to explain resolve production requirements. May design prepare detailed drawings of jigs, fixtures, forms, or tools required to be used in production. May plan modifications for completed furniture to conform to changes in design trends increase customer acceptance. May design custom pieces or styles according to specific period or country. May build or oversee construction of models or prototypes. May design fixtures as well as equipment, like counters display cases, and also be designated Fixture Designer (furniture).

Furniture Designer @ Job Descriptions And Duties:
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Designs builds plaster models of monuments, statues, and also memorials. Interviews customer to obtain information regarding size, style plus motif of memorial. Draws sketches detailed plans of memorial according to customers suggestions. Casts plaster block carves design in block, using chisels, mallets, knives, and also files to form model of memorial. Routes finished model work order specifications to Stone Carver (stonework). May draw detailed sketches or plans of family burial plots. May build models of cemeteries used as displays.

Memorial Designer @ Job Descriptions And Duties:
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