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Handwriting Expert: # JOB101474
  • Examines handwritten material or other questioned documents to identify author, detect forgery, or determine method used to alter documents.
  • Confers with laboratory specialists, like chemists photographers, to define which scientific processes are necessary to effect analysis.
  • Examines hand or typewritten sample to detect characteristics, like open loop, quaver, or t-cross peculiar to an individual, using microscope.
  • Measures angle or slant to estimate degree to which letters lines vary from perpendicular, using protractor.
  • Compares paper specimen with manufacturers samples to ascertain type source.
  • Compares photographic blowup of written or typed specimen obtained from separate sources to ascertain similarity or differences.
  • Works in consultative capacity to various agencies or organizations, including police force, and also testifies in legal proceedings..

Wash oil pump Operator: # JOB401074
  • Operates variety of pumps auxiliary equipment, following standard procedures to extract light oil (crude benzol) from coke-oven gas.
  • Turns valves plus starts pumps to admit gas & wash oil to still steam to heating coil.
  • Reads gauges & thermometers regulates pumps to control temperature, pressure and additionally rate of flow of materials.
  • Pumps washed gas to processing station or storage.
  • Admits steam to coil to separate light oil from wash oil.
  • Pumps light oil to benzol plant or storage as well as wash oil through heat exchangers coolers for reuse in system.
  • Drains water sludge from tanks.
  • Cleans gaugelines, gauge glasses, and also decanters.
  • Records oil as well as water temperatures quantity of light oil extracted..

Gas Tester: # JOB401070
  • Tests compressed gases for moisture content, purity, ratio of gases in mixture, and also cylinder pressure, using standard testing equipment following specified procedures.
  • Drains gas samples from tanks, or rolls cylinders to test station.
  • Adjusts test equipment, like volumetric moisture tester, burette, conductometer and additionally pressure gauges, according to type or mixture of gases as shown on chart.
  • Records test procedures results in log.
  • Prepares places identifying tags on cylinders or tanks.
  • Notifies supervisor of deviations from specifications.
  • May test accuracy of calibrations on pressure gauges, using dead-weight tester.
  • May mix gases according to customer specifications.
  • May vaporize liquid gases fill tube trailers.
  • May measure percentage of carbon monoxide in truck cabs, using automatic gas-metering device or by spraying chemical from syringe into atmosphere matching degree of discoloration against color chart..

Rag Inspector: # JOB400916
  • Examines rags to verify that they have been sorted according to color, quality, type, and also condition, and also that foreign matter, like clips, buttons, and also elastic, has been removed.
  • Weighs rags records weight.
  • Trucks rags to cutting machines..

Waste paper hammermill Operator: # JOB400915
  • Feeds waste paper into machine that cuts paper into small pieces for use as building insulation.
  • Fills sack with cut paper..

Rag cutting machine Feeder: # JOB400909
  • Feeds machine that cuts rags to size for cooking, bleaching, and also defibering prior to making paper, roofing felt, or related products.
  • Places rags on apron of machine pushes them into feeder roll or loads rags onto conveyor leading to machine.
  • Examines cut rags for size notifies supervisor if machine knives need adjusting or sharpening.
  • May loosen setscrews with wrench remove knives.
  • May clean dirt as well as dust from dust compartment work area..

Rag cutting machine Tender: # JOB400908
  • Tends rag-cutting machine that cuts rags to specified size preparatory to processing into paper, roofing felt, or related products.
  • Presses buttons to actuate conveyor, cutters plus blowers.
  • Observes movement of rags along conveyor to detect clogging or malfunctioning machine.
  • Stops machine at sound of warning buzzer removes clogged rags, using iron pry.
  • Reports mechanical defects to supervisor.
  • Lubricates, adjusts, and also replaces worn blades of machine.
  • May record amount of rags cut on daily production record..

Winterizer: # JOB400399
  • Tends equipment that strains stearin from vegetable oils, like soybean, corn, and also cottonseed to produce salad oil.
  • Turns valves to admit oil to chilling tank to circulate refrigerant through tank coils for specified time to solidify stearin.
  • Opens filter valves & adjusts air pressure to force oil through filters trap suspended stearin..

Grading machine Feeder: # JOB400390
  • Tends automatic-sorting machine that separates fruits, vegetables, shrimp, or pickles, according to sizes.
  • Places baskets, tubs, or crates beneath discharge outlets of machine.
  • Starts machine dumps boxes of fruit or vegetables in feed chute or opens supply chute to feed material into machine.
  • Removes full containers from discharge outlets replaces them with empty ones.
  • Cleans, oils, and also greases machine, using oilcan or grease gun.
  • May post identifying information on containers..

Gum Puller: # JOB400284
  • Conveys lump chewing gum from mixer as well as dumps gum into hopper of machine that rolls scores gum sheets.
  • Positions cart under door of mixer.
  • Sprinkles sugar by hand over interior surfaces of cart to prevent gum from sticking.
  • Tilts mixing machine opens door.
  • Pulls quantity of gum from mixer, cuts it with knife, and also drops gum into cart.
  • Pushes cart into position over hopper of scoring machine.
  • Tilts rear of cart to dump gum into hopper, using electric hoist..

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