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Char conveyor Tender: # JOB400793
  • Tends conveyor-belt system to distribute wet char from filters to drying hoppers dried char from driers or bins to filters.
  • Starts conveyor system under filter being emptied plus positions gate on belt over designated hopper to divert char from belt into hopper.
  • Rakes char from one hopper to another to keep hoppers full.
  • Starts shaker machine that distributes dried char from hopper or bins onto conveyor for transmission to filters.
  • Inspects as well as cleans drier screens pots.
  • Sweeps weighs char dust from dust-cooler room.
  • May be designated according to condition of char as Wet-Char Conveyor Tender (sugar as well as conf.); or location of job as Char Conveyor Tender, Cellar (sugar conf.)..

Can conveyor Feeder: # JOB400792
  • Tends machine that automatically feeds empty coffee cans onto conveyors leading to filling machines.
  • Presses button to activate machine-lift mechanism that raises stacked cans transfers them onto mechanical conveyor.
  • Observes passing cans removes defective ones.
  • May place cans on sloping metal runway leading to conveyors to feed cans onto conveyors from freight cars.
  • May transfer cans from containers onto belt or chain conveyor..

Blender conveyor Operator: # JOB400789
  • Tends machines that automatically grind, sift, weigh, blend, and also convey milk powders to instantizing filling vats.
  • Slides specified screens into grinder, opens chutes on conveyor plus dumps blended powder into vat.
  • Weighs ingredients, like potash, salt, soda and additionally vitamins, according to formula and additionally dumps them into blending machine.
  • Starts machines that automatically grind as well as screen chunks of dried milk, weigh blend powder with other ingredients, and also convey blended powder to instantizing or filling vats.
  • May weigh prescribed amount of liquid lecithin pump into blending vat.
  • May operate power lift truck to move material..

Director Arts and humanities Council: # JOB101280
  • Administers program to promote visual as well as performing arts humanities.
  • Plans, organizes plus executes creative arts program under authority of governing board.
  • Negotiates contracts & agreements with federal as well as state agencies plus other cultural organizations for funding implementation of programs.
  • Establishes statewide councils provides guidance in obtaining grants, initiating local projects, and also disseminating cultural information.
  • Exchanges ideas through seminars, conferences, and also other forums media to accomplish program objectives..

Coater Operator Insulation Board: # JOB400993
  • Tends machine that automatically smooths paints flanges of acoustical tile.
  • Starts machine.
  • Turns dial to control temperature of pressing irons.
  • Adjusts pressure of irons to obtain smooth finish on flanges.
  • Adjusts rollers, using wrench, to control amount of paint applied to flanges as tile moves on conveyor.
  • Observes processing makes necessary adjustments..

Coating machine Operator Hardboard: # JOB400953
  • Operates machine to spray paint print surface finish on hardboard sheets.
  • Fills hoppers of machine with ready-mixed paint.
  • Starts machine moves controls to regulate spraying action, specified tension of rollers and additionally temperature of infrared drying lamps.
  • Tests density of paint, using viscometer.
  • May tend machine that coats unfinished insulation board with talc to prevent sticking during subsequent pressing be designated High-Density-Talc-Coater Operator (wood prod., nec)..

Pill Coater: # JOB401352
  • Controls battery of coating machines that apply coatings to pharmaceutical tablets to flavor, color, preserve, add medication, or control disintegration time.
  • Dumps uncoated tablets into rotary pans of machines starts machine.
  • Pours measured amounts of liquid coatings, like medicated syrup, dye and additionally gelatin, onto tablets to form base or successive coats according to formula or production order.
  • When applying enteric coating to control disintegration, pours enteric solution over tablets prior to subcoating.
  • Sprinkles dusting powder onto tablets as well as stirs them to prevent tablets from sticking together to produce uniform coating.
  • Examines tablets for defects, like chips discoloration, and also scrapes coating with fingernail to ascertain dryness.
  • Measures sample tablets, using caliper or micrometer, and also weighs them on balance scale to define adherence to weight coating-thickness specifications.
  • Dumps coated tablets as well as measured amount of liquid wax into canvas-lined pan starts pan revolving to give tablets final glossy coating..

Continuous linter drier Operator: # JOB401317
  • Tends equipment that fluffs dries cotton linters or woodpulp for further processing into explosives.
  • Places portion of linters or woodpulp on revolving rollers that feed it into cylinder equipped with picking spikes.
  • Inspects fluffed material for presence of impurities fluffy appearance as it is discharged into drier.
  • Moves controls to maintain temperature of hot-air oven at plant standard to regulate speed of drier conveyor for efficient drying.
  • When tending separate picking drying units, may be designated according to unit tended as Cotton-Picker Operator (chemical); Linter-Drier Operator (chemical)..

Color Strainer: # JOB401192
  • Assists Color-Paste Mixer (textile) in mixing color for use in printing textiles.
  • Strains mixed colors through vacuum or other straining device to remove lumps foreign matter.
  • Carries colors to from mixing area.
  • Cleans working area mixing equipment, using water hose.
  • Performs other duties as described under Helper (any industry) Master Title..

Cosmetics Supervisor: # JOB401097
  • Supervises coordinates activities of workers engaged in producing liquid, powder, and also cream cosmetics.
  • Observes operation of machines to detect malfunctions directs workers to replace defective parts, like micro-sifters, mixer brushes plus screens.
  • Blends color bases, following formulas.
  • Examines liquid filterings for clarity color prior to storage.
  • Examines product for conformance to specifications.
  • Performs other duties as described under Supervisor (any industry) Master Title..

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