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Accordion Maker: # JOB405406
  • Lays out as well as constructs accordions, applying knowledge of accordion construction, using handtools plus operating variety of wood metalworking machines.
  • Studies sketch of accordion or customers specifications to plan work.
  • Measures marks woodstock to lay out wood parts.
  • Operates woodworking machines, like saw sander, and also uses carpenter handtools to cut, shape, and also finish wood parts of instrument.
  • Measures, cuts, and also pleats cardboard to form bellows.
  • Covers bellows with sateen cloth.
  • Glues leather places metal guards on corners of bellows.
  • Applies celluloid to accordion parts, like keys box ends.
  • Assembles wood metal parts with screws, nails, or glue, using handtools.
  • Examines fit as well as finish of instrument plus plays notes chords to inspect completed instrument.
  • May tune accordion reeds glue reeds in reed blocks [Accordion Tuner (any industry)].
  • May fabricate metal parts, using shop machines handtools.
  • May repair used instruments [Accordion Repairer (any industry)].
  • May be designated according to part made as Bass-Mechanism Maker (musical inst.); Bellows Maker (musical inst.); Box Maker (musical inst.); or by operation performed as Finisher, Accordion (musical inst.)..

Peanut butter Maker: # JOB400820
  • Tends machines that make peanut butter.
  • Opens valves to fill mixing chamber with roasted nuts plus adds specified amounts of salt, sugar plus homogenizing ingredients.
  • Observes gauges for defining if temperature in mixing chamber is within specified limits.
  • Turns dial to regulate speed of pumps which force mixture through grinding chambers.
  • Opens valves to allow mixture to flow from one grinding chamber to another to obtain specified texture, and also transfer ground mixture into cooling mixer.
  • May tend automatic equipment that roasts nuts, fills, labels, and also caps containers, and also packs containers in shipping cartons..

Varnish maker Helper: # JOB401347
  • Assists Varnish Maker (paint varnish) in manufacturing varnish, performing any combination of following duties.
  • Transfers ingredients, like gums, resin, turpentine plus oils from storage to work area, using handtruck.
  • Weighs specified amounts of dry materials shovels or dumps them into kettles or vessels.
  • Measures liquids in receptacle pours them into kettles or supply tanks.
  • Mixes ingredients in kettles with paddle.
  • Cleans kettles other equipment, using high-pressure hose, solvents, and also brushes.
  • Performs other duties as described under Helper (any industry) Master Title..

Cadmium liquor Maker: # JOB401315
  • Tends equipment that makes cadmium sulfate used in making pigments for paints enamels.
  • Shovels cadmium moss into tank of boiling water sulfuric acid to form cadmium liquor.
  • Tests liquor solution for acid foreign content, as specified by laboratory..

Sieve Maker: # JOB400786
  • Makes repairs sieves used in flour sifting machines, using handtools.
  • Tacks cotton cloth lining onto frame plus stretches staples wire screen across bottom.
  • Places free-moving cloth pads in frame.
  • Stretches tacks silk cloth across top of frame.
  • Tacks strips of cotton flannel around outer sides of frame so sieve fits snugly into machine.
  • Removes replaces defective parts of damaged sieves.
  • May be designated according to function as Sieve Repairer (grain-feed mills)..

Frozen Pie Maker: # JOB400784
  • Measures specified amounts of ingredients, like precooked meats, vegetables, fruits, or sauce, into dough-lined pie plate, and also covers ingredients with prerolled pie crust topping in preparation for freezing.
  • Weighs specified amount of meat, vegetable, or fruit pieces places them in pie plate.
  • Adds specified ingredients, like sugar, spices, or sauce, to fill pie plate.
  • Covers pie with prerolled pie crust crimps edges, using hand crimping device.
  • Dips brush in egg yolk mixture spreads mixture over pie crust.
  • Places pie in refrigerator to dry egg topping.
  • Removes dried pies, packs pies in boxes, and also stacks boxes in freezer..

Lozenge Maker: # JOB400781
  • Operates machine that rolls dough into sheets, and also embosses cuts dough into candy lozenges.
  • Positions plus secures cutting embossing dies in place, using wrench.
  • Adjusts ram stroke of cutting die to synchronize it with speed of dough rollers discharge conveyor.
  • Turns handwheel to adjust clearance between rollers.
  • Dumps lozenge dough into hopper starts machine.
  • Sprinkles cornstarch onto dough to prevent sticking to rollers dies.
  • Examines as well as weighs formed lozenges for conformity to size, shape, and also weight specifications, and also readjusts roller speed clearance to meet product standards.
  • May adjust printer bars on machines to print or emboss designs on lozenges before cutting..

Cheesemaker Helper: # JOB400778
  • Operates dairy processing equipment performs following tasks to assist Cheesemaker (dairy products) in making cheese.
  • Separates pasteurizes milk, using dairy processing equipment.
  • Starts pump, turns valves and additionally observes gauges to fill cheese vats with specified amount of milk maintain specified temperature in vats.
  • Dumps dye starter into milk.
  • Starts agitator to mix ingredients.
  • Dumps rennet into vat to coagulate milk into curd.
  • Dumps, presses, and also salts curd.
  • Pierces, washes, and also turns cheese blocks to cure cheese.
  • Operates washing machine as well as extractor to clean dry cloths.
  • Performs other duties as described under Helper (any industry) Master Title..

Cathode Maker: # JOB401356
  • Tends tanks related equipment that coats cathode screens with asbestos for use in electrolytic cells.
  • Opens valve to fill cathode tank with caustic liquor.
  • Weighs out prescribed quantity of asbestos dumps it into tank.
  • Starts air compressor as well as opens valve to force asbestos plus cell liquor to mixing tank return it to cathode tank after agitation for specified time.
  • Draws sample of resulting slurry determines specific gravity, using hydrometer.
  • Positions cathode screen over cathode tank, using crane.
  • Connects vacuum hose to cathode lowers cathode into tank for asbestos coating, using hoist.
  • Observes vacuum gauge to define number of dips or immersion time necessary to apply asbestos coating of specified thickness to cathode.
  • Applies asbestos tape to secure cathode rim.
  • Transfers coated cathode to drying area, using crane.
  • Records number of cathodes coated, immersion drying time, and also quantity of materials used.
  • May tin cathode bars, using tinning compound.
  • May cut asbestos paper to size as well as cover screens plates with new linings..

Caustic liquor Maker: # JOB401494
  • Controls equipment to process green liquor (soda ash solution) lime into caustic liquor used in cooking woodpulp.
  • Starts pumps plus adjusts valves to control flow of water & lime into tank or revolving drum over screens to remove lumps to make lime slurry of specified density.
  • Adjusts valves to control flow of lime slurry & green liquor into reaction tanks in specified proportions opens steam valve to heat reaction tank to specified temperature to make caustic cooking liquor.
  • Adjusts controls to pump cooking liquor to settling tank makes titration tests to define extent of settling of lime sludge.
  • Turns valves to pump clear liquor to storage tank lime sludge to sludge tank.
  • May test green liquor calculate quantity of lime slurry additive.
  • May make titration test to define concentration of cooking liquor..

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