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Accelerator Operator: # JOB100169
  • Controls operation of particle accelerator used in research experiments involving properties of subatomic particles.
  • Reviews experiment schedule to ascertain particle beam parameters specified by experimenter (scientist), like energy, intensity plus repetition rate.
  • Communicates with accelerator maintenance personnel to make sure readiness of support systems, like vacuum, water cooling and additionally radiofrequency power source.
  • Sets control panel switches, according to standard procedures, to route electric power from source direct particle beam through injector unit.
  • Turns panel controls as well as watches meters plus panel lights to adjust beam steering units direct beam to accelerator.
  • Pushes console buttons in prescribed sequence to control beam path in accelerator.
  • Adjusts controls to increase beam pulse rate, energy, and also intensity to specified levels.
  • Notifies experimenter in target control room when beam parameters meet specifications.
  • Pushes control levers to steer beam to experimenters target, as directed.
  • Monitors readings at console during experiment to make sure accelerator systems meet specifications notifies experimenter of condition.
  • Alters beam parameters during experiment as directed.
  • Ensures that maintenance workers vacate hazardous locations before operations.
  • Records data in log relative to beam specifications, equipment settings used, and also beam conditions obtained for future reference.
  • Participates in maintenance modification of systems as member of team.
  • May be designated according to type of accelerator operated..

Pearl glue Operator: # JOB401172
  • Tends equipment that converts liquor glue into pearl glue (pearl-like bits).
  • Opens valve to fill tank with gasoline.
  • Starts refrigerant-circulating pumps to cool gasoline to required temperature.
  • Pumps liquor glue through pearler-head tubes that deposit drops of glue into refrigerated gasoline to form pearl glue..

Reduction furnace Operator: # JOB401307
  • Operates reduction furnaces as well as equipment to produce catalyst used in manufacture of margarine shortening.
  • Scoops powder into rotating reduction furnace that feeds it into mixing tank containing premeasured amount of oils.
  • Observes gauges & regulates heating mixing controls to make sure processing according to standards.
  • Turns valves to pump finished product into holding tank.
  • Opens valve to fill containers with catalyst.
  • Keeps log of operations..

Black ash burner Operator: # JOB401304
  • Controls furnace in which condensed black liquor is burned to black ash for use in recovering sodium compounds.
  • Turns rheostat control to adjust mechanism in mixing tank to feed specified quantities of salt cake into black liquor.
  • Turns valves & air intake ports to regulate spray of liquor air into furnace, according to combustion charts, to make sure complete combustion of organic matter.
  • Starts conveyor to carry molten black ash from taphole of furnace to water dissolving tank in which green liquor is formed, or opens furnace port allowing ash to flow directly into dissolving tank.
  • Starts motor to pump green liquor into settling tank.
  • Adjusts valves to channel steam generated by furnace through liquor evaporators or into main steam line.
  • Cleans liquor pipes, using steam rod, and also scrapes residue from furnace interior..

Tray drier Operator: # JOB401303
  • Tends tray drier as well as drum filter that dries plus filters activated carbon sludge used in variety of industrial consumer applications.
  • Turns dials plus observes temperature moisture gauges to control drying process.
  • Pushes empty trays onto roller conveyor for filling with sludge transferring filled trays to drier chamber in wheeled cage..

Plastics seasoner Operator: # JOB401300
  • Tends dry houses, cell driers, or drying ovens that remove solvent contaminants from plastics materials.
  • Observes temperature plus moisture gauges turns controls to control drying process.
  • Unloads driers or notifies workers to unload ovens..

Steeping press Operator: # JOB401254
  • Guides sheets of woodpulp, used in rayon production, as they are lowered mechanically into steeping presses or vats of caustic soda pressed to remove excess alkali.
  • May weigh specified number of sheets, using scales.
  • May convey woodpulp to steeping machine, using handtruck..

Tetryl screen Operator: # JOB401242
  • Tends shaker screen to remove lumps from dried tetryl explosive.
  • Transfers trays of dried tetryl to screening area, using handtruck.
  • Starts motor that activates shaker screen to separate tetryl powder from lumps.
  • Dumps tetryl from trays into feed hopper of screen.
  • Lines catch boxes with wax paper, and also positions boxes beneath discharge spout of screen to receive screened tetryl powder.
  • Weighs filled boxes stacks on handtruck for transfer to storage.
  • Carries containers of tetryl lumps to distillation equipment for reprocessing..

Sulfate Drier machine Operator: # JOB401241
  • Tends equipment that cleans dries ammonium sulfate crystals.
  • Pushes crystals from drain table into trough.
  • Opens trough gate to discharge crystals into drier.
  • Starts centrifuge to separate crystals of ammonium sulfate from acid tar.
  • Washes remaining impurities from crystals with hot water, using hose.
  • Resumes spinning of centrifuge to complete drying.
  • May neutralize acid in sulfate crystals with ammonia liquor..

Vibrating screen Operator: # JOB401238
  • Tends vibrating or oscillating shaker screens that separate solids from liquids or sift powdered chemical materials into particles of specified size.
  • Starts action of screens.
  • Turns valves, starts conveyors, or moves chute vanes to control flow of materials to screens according to type of material to be screened.
  • Sifts sample of sized product through laboratory test screens to define if particle size meets specifications records results.
  • Changes screen mesh or cloths as directed repairs equipment, using handtools.
  • Cleans screens, using brushes liquid cleaning agents.
  • May tend related equipment, like grinding mills, conveyors, and also container-filling units.
  • May examine materials to detect impurities that could contaminate product or damage screens..

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