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Able bodied Seaman: # 911364010
  • Performs following tasks on board ship to watch for obstructions in vessels path as well as to maintain equipment structures.
  • Stands watch at bow or on wing of bridge to look for obstructions in path of vessel.
  • Measures depth of water in shallow or unfamiliar waters, using leadline and additionally telephones or shouts information to bridge.
  • Turns wheel on bridge or uses emergency steering apparatus to steer vessel as directed by Mate, Ship (water trans.).
  • Breaks out, rigs, overhauls, and also stows cargo-handling gear, stationary rigging, and also running gear.
  • Overhauls lifeboats as well as lifeboat gear lowers or raises lifeboats with winch or falls.
  • Paints chips rust on deck or superstructure of ship.
  • Must hold certificate issued by U.S.
  • When working aboard vessels carrying liquid cargoes, must hold tanker operators certificate.
  • May stow or remove cargo from ships hold [Stevedore (water trans.) II].
  • May be concerned with only one phase of duties, as maintenance of ships gear decks or watch duties, and also be known as Deckhand, Maintenance (water trans.); Watchstander (water trans.)..
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Tablet Coater: # JOB401352
  • Controls battery of coating machines that apply coatings to pharmaceutical tablets to flavor, color, preserve, add medication, or control disintegration time.
  • Dumps uncoated tablets into rotary pans of machines starts machine.
  • Pours measured amounts of liquid coatings, like medicated syrup, dye and additionally gelatin, onto tablets to form base or successive coats according to formula or production order.
  • When applying enteric coating to control disintegration, pours enteric solution over tablets prior to subcoating.
  • Sprinkles dusting powder onto tablets as well as stirs them to prevent tablets from sticking together to produce uniform coating.
  • Examines tablets for defects, like chips discoloration, and also scrapes coating with fingernail to ascertain dryness.
  • Measures sample tablets, using caliper or micrometer, and also weighs them on balance scale to define adherence to weight coating-thickness specifications.
  • Dumps coated tablets as well as measured amount of liquid wax into canvas-lined pan starts pan revolving to give tablets final glossy coating..
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    tablet coater Job Description
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Stable Attendant: # JOB201184
  • Cares for horses as well as mules to protect their health improve their appearance.
  • Waters animals plus measures, mixes & apportions feed feed supplements according to feeding instructions.
  • Washes, brushes, trims & curries animals coats to clean improve their appearance.
  • Inspects animals for disease, illness, and also injury treats animals according to instructions.
  • Cleans animals quarters replenishes bedding.
  • Unloads as well as stores feed supplies.
  • May whitewash stables, using brush.
  • May clean saddles bridles.
  • May be designated according to animal cared for as Horse Tender (any industry); Mule Tender (any industry); Stallion Keeper (agriculture)..
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