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Typewriter Assembly And Parts Inspector Job Contract

Typewriter Assembly And Parts Inspector Job Contract Template
Searching for typewriter assembly and parts inspector job contract sample, this template example - #15931 - will help to write an employment contract agreement letter for typewriter assembly and parts inspector.
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Typewriter Assembly And Parts Inspector Job Contract

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Job Title / Position: Typewriter Assembly And Parts Inspector

Job Duties and Responsibilities - are to:

1) Inspect typewriters, subassemblies, and also parts for conformance with specifications, using handtools measuring instruments

2) Move parts to define binding, looseness, or misalignment

3) Test tightness of screws & nuts, using screwdrivers wrenches

4) Measure dimensions of parts, distance between them, and also shapes of angles as well as curves to verify conformance to specifications, using comparator, micrometer, dial indicators, and also fixed adjustable gauges

5) Refer to blueprints charts for tolerances

6) Examine parts for surface defects, like rust, dullness, discoloration, and also chipped scratched finish

7) Stop production when rejects exceed specified limits

8) Compile information to indicate number of, and also reasons for, rejects

9) May train other workers performing inspections

10) May be designated according to type of assembly monitored as Inspector, Conveyor Line office machines ; Inspector, Final Assembly-Conveyor Line office machines ; Inspector, Floor Sub-Assembly office machines ; Inspector, Station Assembly-Conveyor Line office machines ; or type of parts inspected as Inspector, Purchased Parts office machines

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