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Machine Cleaner Job Contract

Machine Cleaner Job Contract Template
Searching for machine cleaner employment contract sample, this template example - ref.#15431 - provides a career guide to help you create and write an employment contract agreement letter for machine cleaner using a simple format.

Machine Cleaner Job Employment Contract

Contract No.Must specify if employee contracted before or new agreement
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Contracting for Job Title / Position: Machine Cleaner

Job Duties and Responsibilities [are to]:

1) Clean dust, dirt, grease, and also lint from machines as well as auxiliary equipment, like tanks pipelines, in industrial plant or aboard ship, using cleaning solutions, waste, rags, waterhose, pumps, lint vacuum system, airhose, brushes, and also scraping tools

2) Clean screen on lint vacuum system replaces worn screen

3) May clean plant sewage treatment system water supply wells

4) May remove machine guards accessories, using handtools

5) May paint exposed surfaces of machines to prevent rust

6) May oil moving parts or wearing surfaces

7) May clean floors around machine, using broom or vacuum cleaner

8) May be designated according to machine or part of machine cleaned as Bottle-Packing-Machine Cleaner any industry ; Creel Cleaner textile ; Opening-Machine Cleaner textile ; Pin Cleaner textile ; Rack Cleaner textile ; Shafting Cleaner any industry

9) Card Cleaner textile ; Guide-Rail Cleaner textile ; Loom Blower textile

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* Note: the signatures declare that this (contract) has been (agreed) from both the (employer) and the (employee) for the hiring of machine cleaner job position.
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